Professor or Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor, 6G-Future Sustainable Society

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Deadline: 13 Feb 2022

6G-Solutions and Responsible Innovations for the Future Sustainable Society (6G-FSS) programme forms a part of national profiling actions supported by the Academy of Finland. 6G-FSS is a joint multidisciplinary project of four faculties (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, and Oulu Business School) and over 400 Principal Investigators. 6G-FSS is leveraging the technological expertise of the 6G Flagship to do world-class research for a data-driven, hyperconnected future society with democratic healthcare and energy-thrifty power systems. New connectivity-based technologies form the backbone of future healthcare, which enable the internet of things and individual healthcare services by cloud computing, big data, as well as virtualized, private, and secure individual follow-up and treatment options. 6G-FSS functions closely with the vibrant OuluHealth ecosystem and the City of Oulu healthcare providers,the Oulu University Hospital , and the Future Hospital 2030-project .  Furthermore, the University of Oulu is surrounded by several research centres and industrial partners, enabling active research cooperation. By attracting new researchers from medical, technical, health sciences, natural sciences, business, or related fields, this programme provides additional research expertise to further develop the scientific profile of the University of Oulu.

We are now looking for an exceptionally talented


to join the 6G-FSS research programme at the University of Oulu (Finland).

The primary duties in this position are to:

-              Develop and sustain research, scholarly and creative activities leading to academic publications and public-facing outreach initiatives

-              Establish multidisciplinary research collaborations locally, nationally, and internationally

-              Apply for national and international competitive research funding

-              Work together with programme leaders to further the aims of the 6G-FSS programme

-              Take part in national and international networks, companies, and organisations

-              Design and teach undergraduate and graduate-level courses

-              Supervise undergraduate and graduate students

What we expect

We search for candidates supporting the strategic aim to renew the scientific profile of the University of Oulu. We expect you to have interdisciplinary research experience and strong collaboration and networking capabilities.

The Professor position is targeted at experienced and highly qualified candidates who have already advanced in their careers. For this strategically significant position, the top candidates will undergo an evaluation by external experts and are required to reach top scores (5-6 on a scale from 1 to 6 for scientific activity and as the overall grade).

Our tenure track is positioned for exceptionally talented researchers with a high potential to advance in their careers. A successful candidate reaches top scores (5-6 on a scale from 1 to 6 for scientific activity and as the overall grade) in external evaluation to qualify for the position. The general criteria for each career level are as follows:

Qualifications for an Assistant Professor position with tenure track: You must demonstrate the ability to work independently, have proven teaching skills, as well as experience in applying external research funding. To qualify for an Assistant Professorship, you must have received your doctoral degree no more than ten years ago (2013 or later).

Qualifications for an Associate Professor position with tenure track: You must demonstrate scholarly research work and relevant teaching skills. You must have the ability to lead research and have experience in acquiring external research funding. We also expect you to have sufficient and relevant experience in international scientific work and evidence of international cooperation.

Qualifications for a Professor position: You must demonstrate high-quality academic qualifications and experience in leading research. You can provide high-quality teaching based on research and supervise thesis work. You are expected to show evidence of international cooperation and should already be an academic leader in your field.

We also expect you to demonstrate how to develop or utilise one or several of the following research topics in the following 6G-FSS subthemes:

6G-FSS1, Citizen-centred health data solutions: Future society calls for a paradigm shift towards sustainable, intelligent citizen-centred proactive and predictive healthcare. The rapid development of digital technologies and data science creates new opportunities for people to take care of their overall well-being and manage their activities based on up-to-date information. In this theme, the research topics include, e.g.:

-              Finding new personal health data management approaches (=MyData) to improve a person's health, promote self-care, and improve the generation of new value for health data.

-              Investigating the operating models (and regulatory boundaries ) in personal data sharing and building people’s trust to utilise data-driven, AI-enabled services in a timely and ethically sustainable manner.

-              Creating new approaches in developing preventive and predictive, personalised digital processes, business solutions​, business models and strategies.

-              Evaluating the impact of citizen-generated health data on a person's health, lifestyle, and adherence to self-care and the healthcare systems.

6G-FSS2, Ubiquitous digital care pathways and service models in secure and intelligent environments:  The aim is to develop advanced digital care pathways between patients and primary healthcare, hospitals and virtual healthcare services, which facilitate efficient participation and extended communication with patients and healthcare professionals on different levels with enhanced security, privacy and trust, quality and reliability of various smart environments and digital applications and healthcare services. In this theme, the research topics include, e.g.:

-              Using novel digital services for information management of preventive healthcare to improve a person's health, promote self-care, improve efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare, and generate new value.

-              Finding new opportunities and outcomes of secure digital care pathways, service models and novel healthcare technology.

-              Utilising 5G/6G technologies for information flows in secure, accurate and reliable healthcare systems.

What we offer

We offer an excellent opportunity to become a part of a strategically and globally significant research area and world-class research community with excellent working facilities. The University of Oulu offers flexible working hours, an ideal work-life balance and provides a range of occupational healthcare services. Our competitive salary is paid 12 months per year, including paid leave and an additional holiday bonus in the summer. Additionally, the newly recruited candidate will receive additional financial support towards moving expenses to Oulu at the beginning of the employment.

The Oulu region is known for its stunning natural surroundings, vibrant cultural life, and friendly, easy-going atmosphere. Residents of Oulu enjoy Finland's high standard of living combined with relatively affordable housing and living costs. In addition, the Finnish government provides benefits to residents and their families, for example, the possibility of the national healthcare system and high-quality, affordable childcare and school services. The Oulu region is home to over 200,000 people, making it the largest urban centre in northern Nordics and one of the fastest-growing regions in Finland.

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Salary will be competitive and based on the standard wages for teaching and research staff at Finnish universities. In Assistant or Associate Professor positions, the salary is at levels 5-7 and in the Professor position, at levels 8-10 of the demand level chart for teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition, a salary component based on personal work performance will be paid (maximum of 50 % of the job-specific component). In EUR terms, the gross salary is likely to be between EUR 3500-5500 per month for Assistant or Associate Professor and EUR 6000-7200 per month for a Full Professor.

How to apply

Send your application using the electronic application form latest on February 13th , 2022, at 23:59 (EET).

Write the application in English. Include the following documents as separate PDF-files:

1)      A letter of motivation with contact information stating the career level (assistant/associate/full professor) at which you would like to be evaluated.

2)      Curriculum vitae in line with the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity:

3)      A complete list of publications preferably with DOI identifications, with the ten most important ones marked, following the guidelines of the Academy of Finland:

4)      A brief account of research merits (max 1 page)

5)      A brief account of teaching merits or a teaching portfolio (max 2 pages)

6)      Details regarding the acquisition of research funds (max 2 pages)

7)      A short research and action plan with reference to research across disciplines/fields (max 3 pages, excluding references)

8)      Contact details of 2–4 persons available for recommendation [NB: these people will not be contacted unless you reach the shortlist stage].

Only applications containing all relevant appendices (pdf files) and submitted through the online recruitment portal by the deadline will be considered. The selection process is carried out by a nominated recruitment committee, following the University of Oulu's recruitment guidelines. Publication analyses will be performed based on the candidates' publication lists. The University of Oulu is a signatory of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) and supports fair criteria for assessing researchers across disciplines. The shortlisted candidates will undergo evaluation by external, international experts based on the following criteria:

-              Scientific activities and their reflection in the candidate’s publication record, conference presentations, and other recognitions, e.g., awards and patents

-              Teaching activities (teaching portfolio; including student evaluations)

-              Supervision of undergraduate, master’s and/or doctoral students

-              Successful acquisition of competitive research funds

-              International activities (research, keynotes, workshops, conferences) and networks

-              Services for the academic community

-              Academic and societal relevance and potential of activities

Shortlisted candidates must achieve top scores (5-6 on a scale of 1 to 6) for scientific activity and as an overall grade to be considered appointable for the position. The eligible applicants fitting best in the research profile expected for the position may be invited to an on-site or remote interview. All applicants will be notified when the selection process is completed.  

Further information

The Assistant / Associate Professor position is for a term of five years based on the tenure-track system of the University of Oulu. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to advance their career through external evaluations at regular intervals. If hired at Full Professor level, the position is permanent. The position will start onSeptember 1st, 2022 or as agreed. The position has a [6] month probationary term. The job will be based at one of the four faculties stated above; the host faculty will be chosen depending on the successful applicant's specific research field and experience.


Concerning research-related information:

6G-FSS Director Professor Johanna Uusimaa, PEDEGO Research Unit, johanna.uusimaa(at)

6G-FSS Vice-director Professor Ari Pouttu, CWC-Networks and Systems, ari.pouttu(at)

Concerning application process and practical arrangements:

6G-FSS Coordinator Anne Mäkelä, anne.makela(at)  

Mobile: +358 50 3505867 (Mon - Fri at 14:00 – 15:00 EET)

At the University of Oulu, we work as part of the international science community to produce new scientific information and science-based solutions. We are committed to educating future pioneers to build a more sustainable, intelligent, and humane world. Creating new, taking responsibility, and succeeding together are values that build a strong foundation for all our actions. We offer a working environment where individuals can cultivate their skills, do meaningful work, and develop professionally. Our university's several specialized research and service units enable extensive and diverse development and career opportunities for experts in various fields.

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