Junior Business Developer for a Business Finland-funded pre-commercialization project

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Communications and Networking (Comnet) unit at the School of Electrical Engineering at Aalto University is looking for a

Junior Business Developer for a Business Finland-funded pre-commercialization project.

Aalto University is a community of bold thinkers, where science and art meet technology and business. We are committed to identifying and solving grand societal challenges and building an innovative future. Aalto has six schools with nearly 12,000 students and a staff of more than 4000, of which 400 are professors. Our main campus is located in Espoo, Finland.

The Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet), School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University (http://comnet.aalto.fi/en ) is a multi-disciplinary unit of research and higher education covering communications and networking technology, networking business, and human aspects of communications.

The Aalto Wearable Systems Lab is hiring a full-time or part-time (min. 2 days/week) Junior Business Developer for a Business Finland-funded pre-commercialization project.

Starting date: 1.2.2022

Length of contract: 6 – 12 months

Project title: 3D Localization for Outdoor Augmented Reality

Project description: The project aims at finding the suitable commercialization paths for an augmented reality (AR) based real-estate listing and advertising solution that works in outdoor environments. The solution will combine the advantages of digital and physical advertising. More specifically, it can be considered as a digital version of physical listing banners that would provide as rich information as web portals while remaining effective for capturing people’s attention, informing precise locations, and revealing hidden opportunities. The project will develop prototypes and conduct pilots with the collaboration of Finnish real-estate companies.

Job description:  The Junior Business Developer will work under the supervision of a Senior Business Developer. Main tasks include market and competitor analysis, realtors (real-estate agents or brokers) survey, organization of meetings with key stakeholders, and preparation of communications materials.

Prior knowledge about digital technologies such as extended reality and AI is considered as a plus. The candidate is supposed to work closely with the technical development team and to manage the development of the prototypes.

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If you want to join our community, please submit your application through our recruitment system by using "Apply now!" link below no later than 21.01.2022. To apply, please share your CV and transcripts (if available)

Please note that if you already have an aalto.fi email address, register still with your personal email address, not by using Aalto email address.

More information

For further information please contact Tiina Lilja tiina.1.lilja@aalto.fi . Regarding the application process and practical arrangements, please contact HR Coordinator Pihla Porvari pihla.porvari@aalto.fi

About Aalto University and Finland

We at Aalto are committed to identifying and solving grand societal challenges and building an innovative future. Aalto University has been ranked the 9th best young university in the world (Top 50 under 50, QS 2018) and one of the world’s top technology challenger universities (THE 2017), for its outside-the-box thinking on research collaboration, funding and innovation. Aalto has six schools with nearly 11 000 students and 4000 employees of whome close to 400 are professors. Our campuses are located in the capital area of Finland. With 37% of our academic faculty coming from outside Finland, we are a highly international community with strong academic standing.

At Aalto, high-quality research, art, education and entrepreneurship are promoted hand in hand. Disciplinary excellence is combined with multidisciplinary activities, engaging both students and the local innovation ecosystem. Our main campus is quickly transforming into an open collaboration hub that encourages encounters between students, researchers, industry, startups and other partners. Aalto University was founded in 2010 as three leading Finnish universities, Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Art and Design Helsinki, were merged to strengthen Finland’s innovative capability.

Gender equality, flexibility and low hierarchy are at the core of our Nordic working environment. Professional ambitions can be combined with a fulfilling personal life.As a living and work environment, Finland consistently ranks high in quality-of-life. For more information about living in Finland, please visit our information pages for international staff: https://www.aalto.fi/aalto-university/international-staff-guide

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