2022 Summer jobs at the department of Chemistry and Materials Science

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The department of chemistry and materials science is offering multiple summer employee positions in different research topics. For these positions, we are looking for motivated BSc or MSc degree students. Depending on the position, the summer job will last for max. 4 months and is carried out between May and August 2022.

How to apply?

Please submit your application through our recruiting system by using "Apply” link on this page.

If you are currently employer or visitor in Aalto University, you have to apply for the job as an internal candidate via Workday. See instructions here: How to apply internal job | Aalto University

Please include the following documents in your application:

  • CV

  • Application letter

  • Transcript of study records

You can apply for one or several of the open positions. You will be asked to prioritize your choices, using the position codes. You'll find each position code after the name of the position in the below list - please remember your choices when you'll move forward with your application.

If any of these positions sparks your interest, please send your application as soon as possible, but latest on February 20,2022. We will start reviewing candidates immediately and the positions will be filled as soon as suitable candidates are found.

In recruitment process relating questions you can contact HR Coordinator Isabella Itäpalo, isabella.itapalo(a)aalto.fi.

Inorganic Materials Modelling (Code: IMM)

The IMM group studies novel functional materials for improving energy efficiency. In addition to materials research, we develop new teaching methods such as virtual laboratories.

In Summer 2022, we are looking for a student, who would be interested in developing new educational content and technologies for BSc and MSc level education at Aalto CHEM. The work involves for example development of virtual laboratories (see http://lab.aalto.fi/ ). The summer employee will also be working as the lead teaching assistant on the course CHEM-A2600 Programming for Chemical Engineers.

Applications from both BSc and MSc students are welcome. Requirements for the position:

  • Previous experience in Python programming is required.

  • Ability to teach in Finnish is required.

  • Previous experience as a teaching assistant is a significant merit, but not required.

  • Experience in client-side web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS is a merit, but not required.

Further information: Prof. Antti Karttunen

Environmentally-responsive textiles through optimization of polymer-based actuators (Code:MMD)

This summer employee position will be placed in the ModelCom project (https://www.aalto.fi/en/department-of-chemistry-and-materials-science/modelcom-project ), which aims to paradigm shift for smart soft materials into user-customizable textiles that autonomously interact with their environment and communicate through changes in color or shape. The summer employee will participate in development of polymer-based actuators and their integration to novel textile concepts. Please refer to the project webpage for more details.

Soft Materials Modelling (Code: SOFT)

Have you ever been interested in how liquids, biomolecular solutions, polymer assemblies, emulsions or foams behave at molecular level? What interactions give rise to the properties of these? Have you studied, for example, biomaterials, chemistry, or physics? Does computational and theory research at the interface of physics, biosciences, and chemistry sound like your thing? In the Soft Materials Modelling group, we employ computer simulations (molecular modelling, mesoscale materials modelling, and thermodynamics modelling approaches) to study biobased and synthetic soft materials systems as part of the Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in Life-Inspired Hybrid Materials (LIBER). We develop, for example, drug delivery systems, bioengineered materials, and work on dissipative complex fluids.

We look for students with good study record, ability with computers, and at minimum, 2 first years of B.Sc. studies completed. The group has also M.Sc. thesis opportunities and possibilities for doctoral studies.

Further information: Maria Sammalkorpi



Electrochemical Energy Conversion (Code: EEC)

Are you interested in developing more sustainable methods to store and convert energy? How about understanding material structures and their effect on functional properties? If you find these questions fascinating, join us to develop materials and devices for more efficient lithium batteries, hydrogen economy and responsible carbon energy cycles.

BSc and MSc students with good study record are welcomed to join us. Background in chemistry, electrochemistry and material science is an asset and previous experience on materials synthesis and characterization beneficial.

Further information: Prof. Tanja Kallio


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