Senior Research Fellow in Food Chemistry

Updated: 7 months ago
Deadline: 26 Aug 2019

As a key member of the team, the selected candidate:

  • Senior research fellow is a recognized scholar in his or her field, who leads a research topic or a research project, or is responsible for the completion of substantial sections thereof;

o planning experiments and provide expertise and professional experience to analyse samples by using instrumental analysis technics like chromatography, spectrometry, extraction, etc; 

o provides expertise in isolation and identification of bio-active compounds;

o provide training of staffs in instrumentation and isolation techniques; 

  • is qualified to perform teaching, deliver lectures in his or her specialism, supervise students in all tiers of higher education and develop courses;
  • the effectiveness of the work of senior research fellows is demonstrated by their ability to secure research funding (funding and research grants, contracts in the field of research and development, etc.);
  • actively develops relationships with other universities, research institutions and companies, and participates in consultation and development work;
  • promotes his or her field of research;
  • develops the knowledge and skills necessary for research work, participates in research conferences and seminars and does research-organisational work;
  • organize seminars, workshops and public lectures;
  • the immediate organiser of the work of the senior research fellow is the head of the subunit.

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