Professor of Metal Processing (tenured or tenure track)

Updated: 7 months ago
Deadline: 31 Aug 2019

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering invites applications for a professor (tenured or tenure track) position in Metal Processing.

Job description

The goal of the position is to enhance the development of the respective field (production of metals and metal alloy; metal and metal alloy processing methods; implementation and technological solutions), as well as the future scientists, within the university and in the region. The position ensures regular curriculum implementation at all higher education levels. The position is actively involved in teaching, research and development activities in the metal processing field, as well as in activities serving public interests.


  • implementation and organisation of R&D in the metal processing field, leading of research topics;
  • development of cooperation with other R&D institutions, as well as business enterprises;
  • development of the material basis required for R&D in the metal processing field;
  • balanced teaching, research and development activities in industrial engineering subjects in compliance with the Academic Career Management ;
  • supervision of Doctoral, Master’s and Bachelor’s level students in conducting independent research;
  • publication of the research and development results;
  • teaching (at BSc, MSc and PhD level) and development of studies by using up-to-date methodologies and educational technology in the following metal processing study programmes: Materials Engineering (Level I); Technology of Engineering Materials (Level I); Technologies for Metals and Engineering Ceramics (Level I); Welding Technology (Levels I and II); Metal Shaping Processes (Level II); High-tech Materials (Level III);
  • organisation and development of academic studies in the field, as well as taking full responsibility for the quality thereof;
  • the proposed fields of R&D include: research on the technology of composite materials (incl. carbide composites) for complicated working conditions; improvement of the reliability characteristics of composite materials (cemented carbides, cermets); development of multiphase tribomaterials and their manufacturing technologies (powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing); development of the friction stir welding tool material and manufacturing technology.

Related responsibilities

  • participation in the work of national and international professional decision-making bodies and committees;
  • cooperation with the editorial boards of scientific journals, reviewing research articles;
  • popularisation of one's speciality and area of research;
  • conducting in-service training in the field.

Requirements for the candidate

  • certified Production Engineer certificate;
  • R&D experience as an applicant, person responsible or principal executor required;
  • experience as a person responsible for implementation of business agreements required;
  • member of management bodies of industry related professional associations;
  • management experience at a production plant in a senior or middle management position;
  • research published in international level journals, incl. more than five ETIS category 1.1 and/or 3.1 articles published in the last five years;
  • successful supervision of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral theses.

The post is available in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The candidates are assessed based on their suitability for the post. Their past performance as well as the length of the career are taken into account.

More detailed information on this vacancy and on the way this job fits in the Department’s strategy can be obtained from Associate ProfessorKristo Karjust, .

Application instructions

The following application documents are required (in English):

  • an application;
  • documents proving that the candidate holds the required academic degree (PhD or an equivalent qualification) and has acquired the required education;
  • a curriculum vitae and a list of publications;
  • an academic portfolio ;
  • a vision or an action plan for the following period of employment (the maximum total length 1500 words);
  • other documents considered to be important by the applicant.

Documents should be sent by e-mail to .

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