Professor of Art History

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Jul 2022

Duties and responsibilities

Teaching at least 25% of working time.

  • Teaching Art History and Art Theory using modern teaching methods at all levels of higher education.
  • Supervising students, primarily master’s and doctoral students.
  • Doctoral dissertations will be defended under the supervision of the professor within five years.
  • Ensuring the continuation of academic staff.
  • Activities related to the administration and development of teaching in the field of Art History and Art Theory.
  • Teaching development, compiling of teaching materials.
  • Professional development to enhance teaching and supervising skills.

Research at least 40% of working time.

  • High-level R&D activities in the framework of modern theories and methods, incl. leading R&D activities if the field of Art History and Art Theory, ensuring that necessary resources, incl. research funding, are available.
  • Main areas of research: Art History and Art Theory in the Western tradition from Antiquity to the Enlightenment.
  • Directing a research field or a part of it and within this work, supervising other academic staff.
  • International-level research in the volume equivalent to at least two doctoral theses in five years.
  • Participation in International research-organisational activities, incl. taking part in collaboration networks, work in the editorial boards of research publications or as a reviewer, work as an expert in foreign institutions (e.g. evaluating academic institutions, evaluating academic staff or allocating research grants), organising international research conferences.
  • Cooperation with other Estonian research and development institutions.
  • Participation in the development and organisation of terminology of the discipline.
  • Development of skills necessary for R&D activities, and professional development.

Governance at least 10% of working time.

  • Activities related to the governance and institutional development of the university, incl. participation in the work of academic and administrative decision-making bodies, performine at least one management function at the university, professional development to enhance management skills.

Social activities at least 5% of working time.

  • Popularising the speciality: activities promoting the knowledge and valuation of Art History and Art Theory ​​for different target groups (incl. young people).
  • Advisably, initiating projects that aim to apply the expert knowledge of the specialisation for the benefit of society.
  • Participation in activities related to the promotion and application of their specialisation, professional societies and networks on a national or international level.

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