Postdoctoral Researcher of Interactions between Charging Facilities of Electric Vehicles and the...

Updated: 5 months ago
Deadline: 06 May 2019

We are inviting a Postdoctoral Researcher candidate to do research in the Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech). The candidate is expected to contribute to the existing projects with the focus on analysing and publishing research results in highly ranked research journals.

Proposed postdoctoral research topic: Interactions between Charging Facilities of Electric Vehicles and the Power Distribution System Concerned.

Supervisor: Professor Fushuan Wen, co-supervisor: Professor Ivo Palu


  • Modeling of charging loads of electric vehicles (EVs);
  • Analysis on the impacts of EV charging loads on the power distribution system concerned;
  • Assessment and enhancement strategies of the accommodating capability of a power distribution system for EVs;
  • Optimal planning of charging facilities of EVs;
  • Coordinated planning of EV charging facilities and the power distribution system concerned;
  • Dispatching and control strategies of EV charging/discharging loads;
  • Participations of EV charging loads in electricity and ancillary service markets;
  • Applications of the developed theory and algorithms to an actual power system with massive EVs integrated.

Qualification requirements

To be suitable for this Postdoctoral Researcher position, the candidate must have received his/her PhD degree no later than five years from commencement of employment in the position at TalTech.

What we offer:

  • the Postdoctoral Researcher position will be granted for 24 months with a possibility of extension up to 12 months;
  • the gross monthly salary for the position is 2000 euros;
  • a workplace and related hardware and software tools for research;
  • supervision by Professors and support from colleagues.

In addition, supplementary remuneration can be granted for personal achievement and performance.

For further information, please contact Professor Ivo Palu, or Professor FuhuanWen, .

Application instructions

The following application documents are required (in English):

  • a motivation letter (max 3 A4 pages) to state why he/she is interested in the research topics described and why he/she is the right person for the Postdoctoral Researcher position at TalTech;
  • a curriculum vitae and a list of publications;
  • a copy of the relevant educational certificate (PhD degree);
  • a list of grants and projects the candidate has participated in (including project title, financing organisation, budget of the project).

Documents should be sent by e-mail to .

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