Postdoctoral Researcher in Medical Informatics in the field of Data Science and Big Data

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 24 Aug 2020

The postdoctoral researcher post includes approximately 20% of teaching in the Health Technology and Business Information Technology study programmes (e.g. supervising MSc and PhD students). Approximately 20% is research management (e.g. applying for research grants, organizing dedicated workshops and conferences, research group management, international and industrial relationships) and the remaining 60% is research and development. The work is focused only on one R&D direction: the development of infrastructure and tools for the Open Health Data for Open Science project.

The goal of the post is to develop (prototype up to TRL6) and justify the reference architecture for open secondary usage and big-data analysis of health data, based on the state-of-the-art literature analysis and real-life healthcare and medical science needs. This architecture should support open data and open science policy by allowing real-life health data analysis in a global context (data from a considerable amount of different data controllers) without the need for transferring personalized data out of the data controllers’ premises. Depending on the candidate, the specific research focus can be either general architecture, semantic interoperability, health data anonymization or health data transparency and integrity.

The post is available for 2 years, from 1 December 2020 to 30 November 2022 and is funded from the ICT program (project No 2014-2020.4.05.19-0001).   

Additional information: Gunnar Piho, .

Application instructions

To apply for this job please send the following documents (in English) by 24 August 2020 at the latest (application deadline) by using Submit the candidacy link:

  • an application;
  • in the case of first-time applicants to TalTech, documents showing that the candidate holds the required academic degree and has acquired the required education;
  • a curriculum vitae and a list of publications (if possible, filled out and published in ETIS – the Estonian Research Information System);
  • a free format assessment of the academic activity undertaken so far and the competencies required for work.

For further information on the application documents or the selection process, please contact . 

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