Senior Manager, Administration and Planning

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Reports to: AVP for Digital Transformation and Chief Strategy Knowledge Officer

Purpose: This role encompasses a wide range of duties such as budget and financial planning, monitoring, maintaining, analyzing, reporting and forecasting in addition to managing and supervising staff under the IT administrative unit, including telecommunication accounting, vendor contracts, asset control and management, IT HR coordination and budget administration. The job holder handles all communication related to IT assessment. Confidentiality, accuracy and knowledge of AUC policies and procedures are of the utmost importance.


Planning/Finance & contracts:

  • Manage and supervise the assignments and tasks of the IT finance and budget coordinator/specialist/officer to ensure accuracy, efficiency and properly documented
  • Perform budgetary analysis in order to submit it to the CTO and directors for decision making purposes to support financial transactions relating to queries by CTO and other departments
  • Review financial data to identify and resolve errors and discrepancies by creating, developing and maintaining accounting spreadsheets of department budgets in order to reconcile with SAP transactions and reports, thereby identifying and eliminating discrepancies
  • Assist CTO with the preparation of budget reports and analyses
  • Responsible for the administration of and reporting on IT project budgets in compliance with AUC policies and procedures
  • Responsible for the financial administration of externally funded IT grant budgets when required
  • Develop and maintain strong knowledge of the AUC’s processes and procedures and the SAP accounting system
  • Receive, log and post data into the SAP accounting system effectively and efficiently, when required 
  • Monitor and contribute to the drawing up of budgets during the yearly budget setting process
  • Provide induction training to new IT department employees on SAP financial system when needed
  • Assist in the upkeep of department database of budgeted staff costs and changes as requested by CTO
  • Responsible for the preparation, calculation and maintenance of various budgets using both computerized and manual methods
  • Hold the AUC IT CIB corporate credit card, receiving requests for online purchases, ensure that request is in compliance with AUC credit card policy and subsequent finalization of online purchases

IT Assets:

  • Supervise and manage the tasks of the IT asset coordinator/officer to ensure that information on asset movement is up to date and properly documented

Telecom :

  • Supervise the tasks of the senior specialist, telecommunication
  • Develop and regularly update telecommunication standard operating procedures to ensure efficiency and enhance user experience
  • Review reports submitted by telecom staff to present the CTO and senior management with alternatives/better packages when applicable
  • Keep track of mobile phone requests to be acquired using AUC mobile pool points from service providers and communicate with requesters on status and policy/procedure


  • Responsible for all administrative matters regarding day-to-day operations and procedures of the office
  • Recommend changes when needed to internal department procedures and policies as identified and involved in the continuous improvement and development of processes and policies such as the communication device policy
  • Meet with IT department heads on regular basis to gain feedback on status of administration operations and finding alternatives for continuous improvement when required

Human Resources :

  • Manage and supervise the assignments and tasks of the IT HR coordinator/specialist/officer to ensure accuracy and that information is properly documented
  • Where and when required, discuss /prepare reports on HR related issues (status of vacancies, recruitment, pending paperwork) with each IT department head and CTO/senior management

IT assessment:

  • Focal point of contact for all queries related to the IT assessment procedure
  • Create and develop annual IT assessment documentation
  • Sending emails to departments with questions to respond to and follow up on delays, when required
  • Keeping database of all IT assessment requests up to date by tracking and entering information on the shared folder for ease of access by other IT assessment team members on a daily basis
  • Informing departments of Its approved specifications to enable them to proceed with PR’s after the specifications are recommended and approved by IT
  • Responding to department queries on a daily basis from the IT assessment email as they arise
  • Keeping track and follow-up on pending requests whether outstanding email responses, delayed distribution of PC’s from the store or inter-transfers of computing equipment between departments based on IT assessment recommendation
  • Sharing final computing equipment specifications assigned by IT technical team with supply chain so they may proceed with procurement as per IT assessment approval
  • Correspond with the budget office during the annual budget planning cycle on IT assessment results and feedback
  • Generate and share reports on IT equipment requests to each area head so as to provide them with information to assist in decision making during the annual budget planning cycle
  • Ensuring that proper procedure is followed with regard to the computer reuse fee and keeping accurate record of fund movement
  • Perform other duties as requested from direct supervisor


Minimum Education Requirement:  

  • BA degree in related field is required


  • Minimum of 10 years of experience, with specific experience in the following budget and financial planning as well as general administration.


  • Excellent planning, analytical, time management and organization skills
  • Excellent interpersonal/human relations skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community
  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality
  • Excellent communication skills, team orientated, analytical, high level of accuracy and attention to details, punctual, multi-tasking abilities
  • Problem solving skill is an asset
  • Experienced computer user, with expertise in a wide variety of related software
  • Ability to adapt to change
  • Ability to coordinate work projects, determine priorities, set deadlines and complete projects accordingly
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment and take initiative

The position is open until September 12, 2021

Placement is based on the candidate’s experience and skills. Only candidates who make it to the short list will be contacted.

“We thank all individuals who have expressed interest in working at The American University in Cairo.”

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