Senior Lab Engineer II, Electronics and Communications Engineering

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Position: Senior Lab Engineer II, Electronics and Communications Engineering

Reports to: Technical Operations Manager

Purpose: A senior Lab engineer will be responsible for the operation and the maintenance of all electronics equipment in the electronics and communications engineering laboratories and offices. The senior Lab engineer will also be responsible for setting up labs and assisting students with projects.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Manages the operation and the maintenance of computers, printers, photocopiers, scanners, sophisticated measurement equipment (oscilloscope - power supply – multimeter - signal generator - spectrum analyzer – Logic analyzer), Kits and development boards
  • Manages the operation and the maintenance of Linux and Windows Servers that run many different software licenses files such as Cadence, Mentor tools, and Xilinx
  • Prepares labs for appropriate courses
  • Assists students with the technical problems in labs
  • Assists students with the technical aspects of courses projects including senior projects
  • Installs and maintains different electronics software packages (mentor graphics- cadence, windows, windows server)
  • Assists students on how to use many electronics software packages
  • Assists in preparations for the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering technical events
  • Ensures safe and clean work environment within the assigned labs and its premises in coordination with the AUC “Health and Safety” department
  • Applies the safety regulations/precautions, safety work practices and immediately reports any safety violation incident/condition or potential hazards
  • Perform any other related duties as assigned


Minimum Education Requirement : 

  • BSc in electronics and communications engineering or related degree

Experience :

  • At least five years of previous experience including two years in related fields

Skills :

  • Very good command of English (spoken and written)
  • Ability to handle various electrical and electronic tools and equipment
  • Very good admin-type knowledge of Linux server (Red hat), Windows and Internet servers
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Time management and planning skills.
  • Can perform under pressure and within a team

The position is open until November 1, 2020

Placement is based on the candidate’s experience and skills. Only candidates who make it to the short list will be contacted.

 “We thank all individuals who have expressed interest in working at The American University in Cairo.”

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