Managing Editor, Alif – (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

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Purpose: Responsible for implementing journal policy and the various steps of article preparation for publication in consultation with the editor-in-chief, in addition to supervision of journal circulation and marketing, website management and update, and various financial and administrative aspects.

Principal Accountabilities:

I. Preparing Articles

  •  Authenticates information with contributors and from available resources ensuring compatibility with journal standards in content and style and undertakes structural and copy editing, using MLA standards
  • Corresponds with all contributors throughout the various stages of production (apart from confidential refereeing)
  • Takes charge for handling copyright and intellectual property issues
  • Translates abstracts and notes on contributors for each article submitted to the journal

II. Printing and Publication:

  • Communicates with the print shop and verifies the accuracy of the final production
  • Handles typesetting and layout of articles and prepares a camera-ready copy of the whole journal for printing (in coordination with editor-in-chief as the process requires at least two)
  • Contacts appropriate offices and personnel to obtain copyright permissions and international numbers of identification (ISBN and ISSN).
  • Delivers digitized version of the journal to printers

III. Distribution, Marketing, and Online Publication:

  • Enhances publicity, composes press releases, locates, and enlists suitable specialists to review the journal, and strategically plans journal’s publicity and marketing in Egypt and abroad
  • Supervises the timely and accurate delivery of copies in Egypt and abroad
  • Coordinate’s sales of the journal and takes charge of subscription renewals in Egypt and abroad
  • Takes charge of the maintenance and update of information published on Alif’s web page and conducts all matters pertaining to Alif’s online publication with JSTOR and other online publishers.

IV. Supervision of Journal’s Finances and Account-Keeping:

  • Administers the collecting and depositing of the journal’s revenue (AUC Press, sales in conferences, JSTOR)
  • Deliver electronic copies of the journal to JSTOR and other search machines connected to Alif

V. Organizational Responsibilities:

  • Plans and implements the year-round production schedule of the journal and delegates various assignments and matches various schedules in the best interest of Alif and its timely production schedule
  • Devises and maintains an accurate and accessible filing system for all Alif’s material and issues


Minimum Education Requirement:  

  • MA degree in English and comparative literature or a more advanced degree in the field. Academic competence in writing Arabic and English and reading knowledge of French.


  • Three years of experience in the field of literary/academic publication of a refereed journal
  • Experience in academic translation from and into English and Arabic
  • Close knowledge of internationally accepted copyediting styles and copyright conventions
  • Academic publication is a plus


  • Excellent command of spoken and written English and Arabic, in addition to fair knowledge of French
  • Excellent hands-on knowledge of the preparation steps of a camera-ready and digital copy of a journal on Macintosh computers
  • Excellent familiarity with technical layout skills and Macintosh-compatible layout programs (MS Office, NeoOffice, and InDesign)
  • Competent grasp of Internet technology and online publication standards
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in addition to outstanding ability to meet scheduled deadlines and manage pressure-filled situations
  • Good understanding of annual budget preparation steps

The position is open until June 1, 2021

Placement is based on the candidate’s experience and skills. Only candidates who make it to the short list will be contacted.

“We thank all individuals who have expressed interest in working at The American University in Cairo.”

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