Lead Buyer, Procurement Department

Updated: 2 months ago
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Lead Buyer in Egypt
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            1Results for "Lead Buyer Jobs in Egypt"
            • Purchasing Manager
              Purchasing Manager
              Andalusia Group for Medical Services
              Qesm Mina El Basal, Alexandria, Egypt1 week ago Apply Now

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            Purchasing Manager
            Andalusia Group for Medical Services Qesm Mina El Basal, Alexandria, Egypt
            1 week ago73 applicants
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            Akram Helaly
            HRMD Student | Human Resources Specialist at Andalusia Group For Medical Services

            The ideal candidate will be responsible for identifying and fostering a relationship with our suppliers and vendors. You will also oversee the implementation of the supply and production strategies. 



            • Purchase materials Foreign and local equipment required by the company at the optimum quality and price to meet operational and customer requirements.
            • Negotiate the purchase of materials and equipment required by the company, ensuring that these meet specifications and can be delivered at the correct time at the most favorable prices.
            • Monitor purchase orders to ensure that these are modified to meet changes in requirements.
            • Maintain up-to-date lists of contractors and pricing arrangements to ensure that the company achieves the most favorable commercial terms.
            • Monitor the performance of suppliers and products to ensure that they meet the required standards.
            • Maintain an awareness of quantities of stocks of materials and equipment to ensure that shortages are avoided. Monitor the purchasing arrangements of different departments and functions to ensure that they are taking advantage of the most favorable terms.
            • Report any significant supply problems to ensure that departments and functions are kept aware of any potential difficulties.


            • Strong negotiation skills
            • 3 - 10 years' of purchasing experience
            • Strong written and verbal communication skills
            • Medical BSc is MUST

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              PurchasingSupply Chain

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              Health, Wellness and Fitness

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