Executive Assistant to Chair, English Language Instruction Department (Academy of Liberal Arts)

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Purpose:  Responsible for advising and registration of graduate students in the AEG Program and assisting in registering courses for undergraduate IEP students. Responsible for the department budget, involving preparing and overseeing spending throughout the year. Responsible for all exam-related duties, including the administration and security of exams. Manage and supervise the administrative and secretarial work pertaining to the Department of English Language Instruction (ELI). Supervise the timely and efficient completion of work of all ELI staff.  

Principal Accountabilities:

Student Affairs:

  • Advising and registering graduate students for both the Intensive English Courses (ELIN 0301/0302) and the Academic English for Graduates modular courses (ENGL 0310/0311/0312)
  • Participating in registering courses for undergraduate students, and working on solving students' problems during the registration period and responding to their queries throughout the semester
  • Preparing and maintaining class lists, following up on any changes, and recording all drop/add/withdrawal transactions
  • Following up on graduate students' academic load to ensure that they take no more than the allowed courses
  • Determining students having exhausted their number of allowed semesters in the two programs and reporting accordingly to the Assessment Specialist and/or the Program Directors of the Department
  • Planning IEP and AEG schedules for the following year and reporting changes needed to the Registrar's Office

     Budget Work:

  • Advising and managing the department budget. This involves preparing and overseeing the spending throughout the year
  • Defining and preparing the equipment assessment after consultation with the IT staff and the Department Chair, and completing the needs assessment form
  • Entering data and justification on Matrix, such as increase requests, scholarship benefits and new initiatives

ELI Assessment-related Tasks:

  • Responsible for IEP test security and the administration of the assessment tasks throughout the semester. This includes overseeing the printing of exam materials, maintaining and keeping secure all IEP test booklets, answer sheets, and supervising the shredding of used test booklets and other confidential materials
  • Preparing, entering and calculating scores of some test components, such as the graduate writing exams, the e-portfolios grades and the oral presentation grades
  • Processing and calculating summer semester student results, when the IEP assessment specialist is not available
  • Posting undergraduate and intensive graduate final results on Blackboard and recording and maintaining test scores and final grades. Double checking all the final grades posted on Banner and making sure that all the instructors submitted the grades. Maintaining updated Blackboard student data.
  • Collecting data and preparing statistics and passing rates for the ELI chair to enter in Compliance Assist and the CEA Annual Report
  • Following up on IEP and AEG student achievement and performance in subsequent courses

Supervision of ELI Staff:

  • Supervising department staff and provide guidance for different administrative functions carried
  • Acting as a liaison between human resources department and academic department by preparing and coordinating appointments of staff, following up on requested promotions, attendance, overtime and leaves, and administering performance appraisal process
  • Maintaining a file for each employee at the department level
  • Developing and maintaining an employee back-up system to ensure efficiency when a staff member is absent
  • Oversee the distribution of responsibilities in job descriptions and maintain hard copies and electronic copies of staff job responsibilities

Assistance to ELI Chair:

  • Assisting the Department Chair in the hiring of new one-semester and/or full time faculty, including the placing of ads, reviewing applicants’ resumes, maintaining complete electronic files on all applicants, contacting applicants when necessary, answering applicants queries, providing search committees with logistic assistance, as needed, and sending regret letters
  • Maintaining continual contact and effective, responsive communication with Department Chair, English Language Instructors, Program Directors, the MATESOL Teaching Fellows, and other staff on campus
  • Handling any problems of individual teachers or MATESOL fellows in cases when difficulties or complaints about staff, classrooms, or offices arise
  • Updating Staff Handbook every year
  • Maintaining departmental records pertaining to accreditation and other matters, as needed
  • Entering updates of the ELI Strategic plan on compliance assist
  • Perform other tasks as needed/assigned


Minimum Education Requirement:  

  • University degree preferably MA


  • A minimum of eight years of previous experience including two years in relevant fields


  • Very good command of English (spoken and written)
  • Very good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Very good organizational skills
  • Excellent management/communication skills
  • Very good knowledge of MS Office

The position is open until September 12, 2020

Placement is based on the candidate’s experience and skills. Only candidates who make it to the short list will be contacted.

“We thank all individuals who have expressed interest in working at The American University in Cairo.”

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