TAP support for the EuroCC2 project on HPC

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Mar 2023

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aarhus University, invites candidates to apply for a 3-year full time TAP (technical and administrative) position on research support and software development for high-performance computing as part of the EuroCC2 project.

This is a 3–year position from May 1st 2023 or as soon possible thereafter.

EuroCC2 is the follow-up project of the EuroCC (European Competence Centre) on High-Performance Computing (

). The national competence centres (NCCs) support users to harness the potential of high-performance computing, data analytics and AI. The activities and services offered by NCC Denmark will be targeted to companies/SME academia and public administration. As a member of the team in Aarhus, you will ensure that future researcher and public administrators have the correct set of competences to use HPC in exa-scale settings as well as quantum computing. This is done by services that provide “state-of-the-art” and “best-practices” information for academia and public administration and includes support of development activities (TRL 4-6) where proofs-of-concept will play an important role.

Your profile

Applicants should ideally hold a PhD (at least an MSc) in computer science, computer technology, computer engineering or similar relevant domain.

We are seeking excellent candidates with a background in high-performance computing, data analytics, and AI as well as experience in research support and stakeholder interaction.
Prior experience in contributing to research projects with European partners is a plus. A proven background in high-performance computing and the complete software engineering cycle (requirement collection, design, implementation, testing and DevOps) for HPC software tools is needed.
In addition, it is an advantage if the candidate has:

  • An ability to work as part of a team, especially in the context of HPC and software development
  • Ability to use research grids, public clouds, and private clusters for research and software development needs
  • Ability to develop software in multiple programming languages relevant to HPC  (e.g. Python, Julia, Rust, C/C++, Fortran, Java)
  • Publication experience
  • An ability to talk with stakeholders from academia, Danish SMEs  and the public sector.

Who we are

Electrical and computer engineering are closely related engineering disciplines that focus on the development of hardware and software for intelligent units and networks. This includes hardware at system and component levels as well as many different types of software for controlling electronic devices and networks.

The research areas within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Section at Department of Engineering support the development within this area. The outcome greatly influences our daily lives as advanced technologies are incorporated into an increasing number of products, for example in industrial processes, at hospitals and in information infrastructures.

What we offer

The department/centre offers: 

  • A well-developed research infrastructure, laboratories and access to shared equipment
  • An exciting interdisciplinary environment with many national, international and industrial collaborators
  • A work environment encouraging lively, open and critical discussion
  • A work environment with close working relationships, networking and social activities
  • A workplace characterised by professionalism, equality and a healthy work-life balance

Place of work and area of employment

The place of work is at Finlandsgade 22, DK-8200 Aarhus N, Denmark, and the area of employment is Aarhus University with affiliated institutions.

Contact information

For further information, please contact: Associate Professor, Lukas Esterle, +45 22464893, lukas.esterle@ece.au.dk


Applications must be received no later than March 15th 2023.

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