Professor in Aquaculture Recirculation Technology

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 16 Jun 2023

DTU invites applications for a position as Professor in Aquaculture Recirculation Technology. The professorship is affiliated with the National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua), Section for Aquaculture and is based at the institute’s locality at the North Sea Science Park, Hirtshals.

The professor is expected to lead the development in land-based fresh- and salt-water recirculation systems (RAS) at DTU, being a low environmental impact technology of crucial importance for the sustainable development of aquaculture, as the globally fastest growing food production sector.

Responsibilities and qualifications

Employment requires innovative research at high international level within Aquaculture recirculation technology and a track record in research leadership, including visionary strategic development, leading a multidisciplinary research group and planning, funding, implementing, as well as running interdisciplinary research projects.

Required is a track record in attracting external research funding from national and international foundations, coordination of national and international initiatives within the research field and contribution to teaching in a university whose goal is to offer Europe’s best engineering education.

Recirculation technology has reached a mature stage with commercial applications worldwide. Alongside this maturation focus is turning towards water quality parameters and potential ways to control and regulate these, including end-of-pipe treatment and reduced discharge. Chemical and microbial water quality, microparticles and associated fish and system performance is vital knowledge for the further development of the industry and the professor is expected to lead the scientific/technical development in this area in Denmark and internationally.

The candidate should have expertise in relevant areas, such as:

  • Consideration of environmental footprint into different technical solutions and operations of recirculation systems, including determination of characteristics and/or composition of fish feed to reduce the carbon footprint, improve water quality in and reduce discharges from RAS systems.
  • Causes and effects of varying water quality in recirculation systems and optimisation of biofilter processes and system operation.
  • Relationships between feed and water quality parameters, including microbiota and RAS operation as well as fish performance and welfare.
  • Optimise system performance and reduce the use of harmful therapeutants by substitution with less harmful ones and/or by technology development.
  • End-Of-Pipe treatment and ways to reduce discharge of nutrients and organic matter, including methods for valorisation of waste to support sustainability and contribute to circular economy.
  • Support implementation of results by cooperation and innovation with the industry

The applicant should have actively disseminated their research, e.g. via peer-reviewed publications.

As part of the appointment, the new Professor will be involved in National advisory functions to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, the Ministry of Environment as well as municipal authorities and industry and concern mainly practical, operational conditions and technical options for reducing discharge of nutrients and organic matter and increase animal welfare. It will be an advantage if the candidate has relevant experience with dissemination to industry, management authorities, other stakeholders and the public at large.

You are expected to substantially contribute to teaching at different university levels, specifically the MSc in Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture taught in Hirtshals, PhD and Postdoc supervision as well as mentoring tenure-track early career scientists.

Application procedure

Your complete online application must be submitted no later than 16 June 2023 (Danish time)

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