Head of the Department of Economics at Copenhagen Business School

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 May 2021

Lead a thriving, vibrant, and internationally well-reputed academic environment within economics. Copenhagen Business School is looking for a committed and collaborative academic leader as Head of Department.

The Department of Economics (ECON) provides research, teaching and knowledge transfer within the core areas of economics, i.e., microeconomics, macroeconomics, and quantitative methods. The Department is especially active in business-related, applied economic research, and has three research centres: Centre for Innovation (CFI), Pension Research Centre (PeRCent) and Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI). The Department of Economics is very successful in fundraising activities, and it is currently hosting research projects supported by the Danish/EU research councils, as well as private foundations and companies.

The Department offers high quality education within an extensive number of full-time and part-time programs available at CBS, including a structured PhD program.The department comprises around 50 faculty members, 22 PhD students, 5 administrative staff and around100 part-time teachers. It is a thriving international work environment with more than 15 different nationalities, and the department’s working languages are Danish and English.
We are looking for an academic leader with leadership experience and/or strong leadership potential as well as scholarly knowledge within the department’s research and educational areas. You must be curious, ambitious, collaborative and relatable in your leadership style. You are able to set a strategic direction for the department, based on the department's strong position in research and education, and interdisciplinary identity, as well as aligning the department’s strategy with CBS’s overall strategic ambitions.

We expect you to further develop and promote our strong and diverse economics profile in Denmark and internationally while at the same time contributing to creating a robust and inclusive work environment at all levels of the department. In this you will be able to, and expected to, draw on the competencies of a management team comprising a Deputy Head of Department and a Head of administration.

As Head of Department, you will participate not only in the strategic leadership of ECON but also in the strategic leadership of CBS. The Heads of Department at CBS are part of the management group reporting to the Deputy President and participate in the general management of CBS via regular meetings with Senior Management on strategy development and central institutional policies. Consequently, you will be expected not only to bridge the overall CBS strategy and the department strategy, but also to contribute to the development of CBS’ strategy and reach out to other departments at CBS, as well as external partners in order to execute the strategy(ies).

The CBS strategy can be found here , and the ECON strategy can be found here .

The position
As Head of Department at ECON your management, academic and administrative responsibilities include, among others:

  • Facilitating the production of research, and delivery of education and dissemination of the highest quality within the areas of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and quantitative methods.
  • Ensuring the hiring of a highly qualified body of researchers, lecturers, and administrators through focused recruitment and talent development.
  • People management and administration – personnel management of faculty, including Annual Staff Performance Conversation (MUS), HR matters, salary negotiations, etc.
  • Actively enabling a motivating, inclusive work environment and ensuring diversity among staff.
  • Developing and implementing the ECON strategy as a part of the overall CBS strategy.
  • Maintaining a well-run department, including with regards to financial performance, administration, and collaboration with other units at CBS.
  • Maintaining and strengthening the conditions for a strong external funding base to support research activities.
  • Contributing to ECON and CBS’ national and international recognition and value-creation for society.
  • Contributing to a collaborative and collegial environment among the 11 Heads of Department and Senior Management at CBS.

Your experience and qualifications
Although the perfect candidate may not exist, a decisive factor for CBS is that you have leadership ambitions and are willing to commit to academic leadership in your academic career and personal development for an extended period of time.

You must have specific experience with:

  • Research and education within the area of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and quantitative methods. A capacity allowing you to engage across these scholarly fields would be an advantage.
  • Management/leadership in a research and educational institution, allowing you to lead a large and diverse department.
  • Navigating and shaping a complex organization, where you have been guided by your personal integrity and have developed an ability allowing you to handle ambiguity as a core skill.

Emphasis will also be put on whether you can and will:

  • Exercise a leadership style where listening to the many voices of the department is important to you, allowing development to take place continuously in dialogue with the department faculty.
  • Be able to engage within the organization and between the different fields of study of the department, even though you are not a scholarly expert on all fields.
  • Inspire and motivate staff, colleagues and partners, promoting teamwork, collaboration and shared engagement within the department.
  • Demonstrate decisiveness and drive in the implementation of departmental and institutional strategies.
  • Reflect on and adjust your own management approach because we must be able to continually develop and evolve jointly as an organization and as individuals.
  • Be courageous and curious, two competences we wish to promote in the CBS strategy.
  • Complement, support and provide constructive contributions and counterarguments in deliberations with the rest of the management groups of CBS (Heads of Departments and Senior Management), allowing these leadership groups to jointly become stronger on an ongoing basis.

inally, mandatory requirements are that you:

  • Have an academic background in the research and education world as an internationally recognized researcher at least at the associate professor level within areas relating to the research and educational activities at ECON.
  • Oral and written fluency in English and a willingness to learn Danish, if you are not already a Danish speaker.

Recruitment process
Copenhagen Business School invites all qualified candidates to apply for the position as Head of the Department of Economics.

An appointment committee chaired by the Deputy President will review and interview a selection of qualified candidates.

One of CBS’ strategic goals is the promotion of diversity, which is why every effort has been made to facilitate a recruitment process that aids in reducing potential bias during recruitment.

We therefore encourage applicants not to include photos or more personal information than absolutely necessary in their application.

To minimize bias in the selection process applicants invited for first round interviews will not undergo one interview with the entire appointment committee (ie. a traditional group interview) but will be interviewed by each individual committee member via short online interviews.

Job interviews are expected to take place 14 June 2021 and 22 June 2021 (round 2).

Tests will be administered between rounds 1 and 2.

Terms of employment
The position as Head of Department is a term-limited tenure depending on prior experience. Salary, duration, and terms of appointment are open for negotiation.

The position is filled in accordance with the Danish collective agreement for academics, as agreed between the Danish Ministry of Finance and AC (The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations), and in accordance with the Danish University Act and CBS' bylaws.

Application and contact information
Application deadline: 31 May 2021. CBS wishes to fill the position by 1 September 2021 or as soon as possible.

Please upload your application via the electronic recruitment system, by following the link below. Please include a CV and any relevant documentation of research and educational related qualifications as well as experience and results pertaining to academic leadership.

For more information, please contact:

  • Regarding process and leadership expectations: Inger Askehave, Deputy President, at email: prorektor@cbs.dk
  • Regarding the department, incl. research and education activities: Lars Peter Østerdal, Head of Department, at email: lpo.eco@cbs.dk
  • Regarding CBS’ support re. relocating to Denmark: Agata Pedersen, Senior International HR Consultant, at email: ap.hr@cbs.dk

Additional information: Relocating to Denmark , CBS Human Resource Policy and CBS Leadership Codex

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