Entrepreneurship in Technical Science

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Entrepreneurship in Technical Science
DTU Department of Photonics Engineering
General course objectives:
The overall objective of this course is to achieve a basic business insight that will allow the student to efficiently participate in commercializing inventions and knowledge within technical sciences. General objectives: • How to develop a research project or idea to a business opportunity • Technology transfer of IPR from research to commerce • Formation of a new business activity: in existing industry (intrapreneurship) or via a spin-off company (entrepreneurship) Students will be asked to apply their research subject in the development of a business idea or they will have the opportunity to work with an idea jointly developed by. The ideas will be presented and further developed at the Ideation Day or (e.g. video conference) before the summer school in Helsingør. The course has been developed with CATCH - art and technology incubator and will introduce the students to artistic and creative methodologies related to the discovery and development of a business opportunity.
Learning objectives:
A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:
  • Develop ideas and identify business opportunities
  • IPR (Patent, Copyright, Trademark and Trade Secrets)
  • Conduct an initial novelty screening
  • Develop commercialization strategies and business models
  • Analyze markets for technological products and services
  • Analyze customer value creation using design principles
  • Develop a business idea to an actual company
  • Establish cash flow projection and capital requirements
  • Calculate an equity investment
  • Work with tech trans officers and other IPR professionals
  • Work with venture capital investors
  • Communicate complex commercialization projects

Teams and cases will be developed at the idea generation workshop based on both the students’ own ideas and ideas developed by CATCH and DTU. Artist Jakob Kvist will participate in the Ideation Day and during the workshop as a mentor and co-developer. Teaching will consist of morning lectures, usually given by experts working in a specific area, afternoon group works supported by business mentors and evening inspiring talks given by successful high tech entrepreneurship entrepreneurs. Taking the summer school, it is possible to develop and commercialize the ideas further at the CATCH incubator.


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