Content analysis in Mathematics and Science Education

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Deadline: 01 Oct 2019

Content analysis in Mathematics and Science Education
PhD School at the Faculty of SCIENCE at University of Copenhagen
Aim and content
Participants will be provided with examples and methods for content analysis as part of research in didactics of mathematics and science, with a special emphasis on praxeological analysis in the sense of the Anthropological Theory of the Didactic. The teaching will consist of self-study of materials (original papers on epistemological and praxeological analyses in didactics) sent out before course start; Lectures (two every day, see teachers below); Seminars with participants presenting and discussing own epistemological analysis and Individual tutorials based on the 5-pages papers the participants produce before course start.
Participants are expected to read course material (about 100 pages scientific papers), write 5 page paper with content analysis pertaining to own project, read written feedback from course teachers, prepare oral presentation based on the paper and feedback as preparation for the course.
The criteria for assessment is that the Initial paper provided by each participant (submitted no later than the 1st of October) draws significantly on course materials and oral presentations also draws on feedback from course teachers. The 30 minutes oral presentations concludes the assessment of the participant.
Subject areas are Didactics of Mathematics and Didactics of Science. Emphasis will be on content analysis (also called epistemological analysis) in various kinds of didactical research, including design oriented research; praxeologies and praxeological reference models of mathematical and science contents, as well as for didactical activity including science education in out-of-school settings.
Learning outcome
Participants master state-of-the art methods of content analysis in didactics, including praxeological analysis
Preparation/self-study 50H; Course hours 35H; Evaluating/reporting 45H; total 130
Registration Deadline for registration is 1. August 2019
Participation fee Registration is free of charge; participants are required to cover any and all costs pertaining to travel, room and board during the course.
Evaluation Based on the written paper (mandatory, deadline Oct 1) and 30 min. oral presentation during course.
Teachers from UCPH: Prof. Carl Winsløw, Associate Prof. Marianne Achiam & Assistant Prof. Britta Eyrich Jessen
Guest Lecturers: Prof. Andrée Tiberghien, Prof. Marianna Bosch, Associate Prof. Martha Marandino
Language: English


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