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Deadline: 09 Dec 2018

The Department of Biomedical Sciences invites applications for a 3-year Assistant professorship in pancreatic islet biology funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation at the Immuno-endocrinology Laboratory. A start package is offered with the position. The position is to be filled by 1 February, 2019, or as soon as possible hereafter, subject to negotiation. The application deadline is 9 December 2018 .  

Job description 

The main emphasis will be on the candidate’s ability to document a high level of original scientific work at an international level within the research areas of islet biology and/or chronobiology.  The funding has been granted to this project to clarify how perturbations of the circadian clock affects beta-cell stress responses.  

The research focus of the Immuno-endocrinology lab is to identify novel therapeutic targets in the pathways leading to pancreatic beta-cell failure and Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes with a particular emphasis on pancreatic islet beta-cell responses to immune, inflammatory, metabolic and oxidative stress (see 

The trademark of the Department of Biomedical Sciences ( is basic and translational biomedicine. The staff includes graduates in medicine and the natural sciences such as molecular biologists, biochemists, anatomists, physiologists, pharmacologists and clinicians as well as a strong team of laboratory technicians, bio analysts, and administrative staff. The interdisciplinary nature of the Department is evident in its extensive integration of basic and clinical research. The researchers deliver cutting edge research-based and clinically relevant undergraduate teaching and supervision in the field of biomedicine on a range of courses and teach postgraduate students enrolled at the Graduate School programmes. The researchers are also active participants in a range of centres, core facilities and networks. 

The candidate’s duties will primarily consist of

  • Research, including publication/academic dissemination  
  • Research-based teaching, including associated examination and supervision of students 
  • Research leadership, including guidance and supervision of researchers  
  • Obligation to share knowledge with the rest of the society, including participation in public debate  
  • Academic assessments  

Required qualifications
In addition to complying with the Order of Positional Structure for Scientific Staff at Universities (, the recruitment procedure of scientific staff at the Department of Biomedical Sciences adheres to the following set of requirements for documented qualifications for an assistant professorship, adopted from the Research, Education, External Funding Academic Citizenship, Dissemination (REEAD) criteria. 

Emphasis will be on the following qualifications: 


· A productive period as postdoc  

· Increasing number of peer-reviewed publications in high-ranking international journals  

· Steady increase in citations and bibliometric impact  


· Quantified teaching experience from PhD and postdoc-period  

· Completed (or willingness to enroll in) Course in Higher Education (Universitets-pædagogikum)  

· Experience with supervision or co-supervision of Bachelor’s and Master’s students and preferably co-   supervision of PhD students 

External funding:  

· Holding of personal grants, or designated partner (by name) of grants 

Academic citizenship: 

· Engagement in network activities at Department or University level, and with extramural partners  

· Occasional membership of departmental committees and working groups  

· Experience as reviewer for international journals 


· Oral presentations at international meetings and conferences  

The candidate is also required to possess good interpersonal and communicative skills, including fluency in spoken and written English. 

Terms of salary and employment 

Salary, pension and terms of employment will be in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and The Academics Central organization. Currently, the monthly salary starts at approx DKK 35.500 An additional 17.1 % monthly contribution to pension will be paid by the employer. Depending on qualifications, a higher salary may be negotiated.    

Non-Danish and Danish applicants may be eligible for tax reductions, if they hold a PhD degree and have not lived in Denmark the last 10 years.   

The position is covered by the “Memorandum on Job Structure for Academic Staff at the Universities” of June 28, 2013.  

Start package  

With the position the following start package is offered:  

A 3-yr PhD fellowship fully funded by the Danish Research Council  

Start-up consumables budget  

Office space, shared with an assoc. professor  

Access to state-of-the-art molecular cell- and islet-biology as well as biochemical laboratory space and equipment   


  • Application, including reasons for applying for this position,  why the candidate considers her and himself qualified and what the candidate will contribute to the Department (max 2 pages) 
  • Bibliometry (h-index, total number of publications, number of publications as 1st and last/senior author, total number of citations, and citations for the past 3 years).  
  • Curriculum vitae, including chronological list of publications, divided into original peer-reviewed papers, reviews and book chapters, and other publications.  
  • Diplomas – all relevant certificates  
  • Publications to be considered in the assessment (max 5) 
  • Teaching portfolio (link to portfolio guidelines: 

For further information, please contact Professor Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen 

Application procedure  

After the expiry of the deadline for applications, the authorized recruitment manager selects applicants for assessment on the advice of the Appointments Committee. All applicants are then immediately notified whether their application has been passed for assessment by an expert assessment committee. Selected applicants are notified of the composition of the committee and each applicant has the opportunity to comment on the part of the assessment that relates to the applicant him/herself.   

You can read about the recruitment process at  

More information
Living and working in Denmark:

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen ( houses approximately 8000 students and 4700 staff. Approximately 350 PhD students graduate per year. The Faculty has an annual turnover of € 365 million, of which 40% in basic government funding and 60% in external funding. The 2018 QS Ranking by Faculty ranked the Faculty as number 25 in the world. The Panum Institute at which the Immuno-endocrinology lab is located is the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences’ largest building complex and houses six of the Faculty’s thirteen departments. It contains the Faculty's shared administration and building  

Part of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), and among Europe’s top-ranking universities, the University of Copenhagen promotes research and teaching of the highest international standard. Rich in tradition and modern in outlook, the University gives students and staff the opportunity to cultivate their talent in an ambitious and informal environment. An effective organisation – with good working conditions and a collaborative work culture – creates the ideal framework for a successful academic career.

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