Advanced topics in photonic nanophysics

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Advanced topics in photonic nanophysics
DTU Department of Photonics Engineering
General course objectives:
To make the students familiar with methods and topics within nanoscale optical physics. The particular topics vary depending on recent research directions and may covers aspects of nanophotonics, photonic topological insulators, nanoelectromechanical systems, semiconductor nanofabrication, photonic-crystal devices, photonics design and theory, optical experiments, and chip-scale photonic technology.
Learning objectives:
A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:
  • Explain central methods, concepts, and theories within the topics covered
  • Provide a critical assessment of the research presented in scientific papers
  • Give a coherent presentation of the main achievements and points in a scientific paper
  • Find relevant scientific literature within the topics covered
  • Argue scientifically in a discusson.
  • Identify key papers in a research field
  • Relate the discussed topics to own research
  • Assess the scientific and/or innovative impact of research papers.

The course material consists of peer-reviewed scientific papers, which range from recent papers in high-impact journals over technical papers concerned with particularly important details, to review papers and classic papers in the fields covered. At each meeting, the students take turns at presenting the material. The choice of papers is continuously discussed to ensure broad coverage of the various research fields as well as to discuss new and hot papers.


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