Advanced Topics in Biomaterials Science and Engineering

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General course objectives:

The course goal is to give knowledge about subjects in and to introduce critical reading of the research literature in biomaterials science and engineering, i.e. the synthesis, processing, analysis, and application of materials for in vitro and in vivo biological use, and give the participants presentation training. This is accomplished by reading papers presented by the other participants and by presenting papers. A final report on a literature study is prepared and peer reviewed by another course participant and finally handed in at the end of the course.

Learning objectives:

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

  • Prepare pedagogical slides for a digital presentation of a scientific subject
  • Quickly make himself/herself acquainted with scientific papers in different areas of biomaterials science and engineering
  • Analyze and review the scientific methods used in a research publication
  • Evaluate and give constructive criticism of presentations given by others
  • Convey academic content in a field where you are not an expert
  • Critically read a paper and identify its strengths and weaknesses
  • Know how a review of a paper is performed
  • Perform a comprehensive literature search within a scientific area
  • Describe the background for a scientific area
  • Make correct references to the scientific literature


The course covers a range of subjects in the field of biomaterials science and engineering. Areas are defined in collaboration with the students, and the teacher will ensure broadness in the subjects. The course will include training in comprehensive literature search, as well as a number of tutorials on broadly applicable methods and tools in biomaterials science and engineering. The specific content of the course changes from semester to semester depending on the teachers and guests participating in the course and on the interests of the participating students. Students will be required to prepare themselves for each of the presentations by reading background material.

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