The role of non-productive RNA splicing in gene expression

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Deadline: 28 Feb 2024

22 Feb 2024
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Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine
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Medical sciences
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First Stage Researcher (R1)

Czech Republic
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28 Feb 2024 - 23:00 (UTC)
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1 Sep 2024
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Not funded by an EU programme
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Offer Description

Doctoral study program: Biomedical Sciences

Form: doctoral (present)

Department: Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergology, Faculty of Medicine, MU, Brno

Supervisor: prof. MUDr. Tomáš Freiberger, Ph.D.

Ph.D. position: The role of non-productive RNA splicing in gene expression


RNA splicing is an important step in pre-mRNA processing, where introns are removed from the
transcribed pre-mRNA and the remaining exons form mature mRNA. In recent years, it has been shown
that in addition to authentic sites, other splice sites may be present in pre-mRNA and that these splice
sites are not standard spliced but could influence RNA splicing indirectly. Although these sites are
probably not efficiently used for splicing, may still be recognized and/or influence RNA splicing and
thus contribute to the overall modulation of gene expression. PhD thesis will aim to characterize such
sites directly from the complete transcriptome or indirectly using artificial gene constructs whose
sequence can be manipulated to study the splicing mechanism in more detail.

Funding for the research

The project will be funded by an international grant in collaboration with the prestigious laboratory of
Prof. Jernej Ule in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Information on funding PGS positions

The student will receive a part-time position (0.5), which will be funded by grant funds and/or by
institutional funds (CKTCH/MU Brno).

Requirements for the student according to the Board for the PhD studies in Healthcare
Simulation at MU

The student's minimum publication activity within the course of study is one first-author publication
with an IF value above the median in the field or 2 first-author publications in journals with an IF value
in the 3rd quartile in the field (Q3). A condition for successful completion of the studies is also a
foreign internship of at least 1 month, which is an inseparable part of the studies. As part of their
studies, students will also participate in the teaching. An excellent knowledge of the English language is



T. Freiberger is the author or co-author of 125 papers in impacted journals, with citations >5000
according to WoS, his h-index is 30. He is the co-author of scripts and textbooks. He has been the
principal investigator of 7 grants and co-investigator of 16 other grants. He is a member of international
and national professional societies and is involved in several international projects. He has led 8 Ph.D.
students to a successful defence and other students are heading for defence shortly.

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Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine
Czech Republic
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Kamenice 5

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http://[email protected]


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