Laboratory technician for preparaton of protein samples

Updated: 6 months ago
Deadline: 25 Jul 2019

The Director of Central European Institute of Technology

(CEITEC MU) opens a position

Laboratory technician for preparaton of protein samples


Our proteomics facility, a part of the CEITEC state-of-the-art infrastructure, predominantly provides proteomics services to the academic community mainly with utilization of mass spectrometric instrumentation. Thus, we are involved in broad range of projects requiring protein characterisation covering fields of biochemistry, molecular and structural biology, human and veterinary medicine, microbiology, plant, agriculture and food sciences.

Our institute values diversity and promotes an inclusive working environment with the aim to support the best scientists. CEITEC MU is a proud holder of the HR Excellence in Research Award by the European Commission. ( )

Position description:

  • processing protein samples (common sample preparation procedures such as protein isolation, protein digestion, peptide purification, phosphopeptide enrichment)
  • communication with users (Czech/English)
  • laboratory management (mainly ordering chemicals and consumables, documentation)
  • performing basic measurements (e.g. protein concentration determination)

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