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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Oct 2020

The GM plays a key position in the management of the Action and represents the GH Institution; he/she is the main contact point between the Action MC Chair and Vice-Chair, all Action participants and the different representatives within the GH Institution.

The GM’s main responsibilities are to provide financial and administrative support to the COST Action Chair, to the Local Organisers and COST Action participants, to ensure the good implementation of the activities and the correct use of funds by verifying and controlling that each single expense is in compliance with the COST financial and administrative rules. The GM must be in direct contact and work closely with the COST Action Chair, Vice Chair and with the COST Administrative Officer.

This position also requires that the GM provides on-site support during Action Meetings and Training Schools at the explicit request of the MC Chair.

The Administrative role of the GM includes the following responsibilities and tasks (non-exhaustive list):

• Ensuring that e-COST invitations and grant letters are sent in due time (ideally, at least 1 month before the event)

• Providing support to the Action participants

• Ensuring that all reimbursement claims are complete in e-COST, including the relevant travel supporting documents required

• Ensuring that, in case of derogations, comparative quotes and others supporting documents justifying the derogation are provided and uploaded in e-COST

• Guaranteeing that the attendance list is signed for each day of the event by the Action participants and is uploaded in e-COST

Making sure that all MC Minutes are uploaded in e-COST

• Archiving and electronic filing of all invoices, including the Local Organiser Support invoices and receipts, when the Local Organiser Support is based on invoices, and making them available in case of audit

• Assuring that deadlines are met

The Financial role of the GM includes the following responsibilities and tasks (non-exhaustive list):

• Ensuring that all payments linked to the approved COST Action Activities are paid in line with Action MC Approvals and respect the eligibility criteria as per the COST Vademecum.

• Providing strategic guidance to the fund’s management from a grant perspective

• Verifying and controlling travel reimbursement requests related to COST Action activities

• Checking that the amounts claimed by the Action participants in e-COST match the supporting documents provided and ensuring that the required documents are uploaded in e-COST

• Verifying and controlling invoices such as those provided by the Local Organiser

• Verifying and controlling invoices for dissemination related activities

• Verifying and controlling that the COST Association requirements for visual identity are respecting the COST Association Branding.

• Ensuring that VAT is deducted and not paid to the Local Organiser or for Dissemination related expenses

• If applicable, ensuring that the currency conversion is uploaded in e-COST (for those exceptional cases when the currency is fluctuating too much and / or the rate cannot be found in e-COST)

• Processing and recording the payments in e-COST within 45 days after the end date of the activity at the very latest.

• Verifying and controlling the Financial Reports (Interim and Final Financial report) and ensuring that all expenses paid are in compliance with the financial COST rules

• Ensuring that the financial reports (Interim and Final Financial report) are submitted on due time

• Assuring that deadlines are met


The COST Action PLANTMETALS was proposed by Prof. Hendrik Küpper, head of the Department of Plant Biophysics and Biochemistry (PBB), which is part of the Institute of Plant Molecular Biology (IPMB) within the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (BC CAS). After the COST Action was granted in March 2020, its official start will be the 1st meeting of the management committee (MC) 8-9 October 2020, where also the final voting about BC CAS as official grant holding institution and Prof. Küpper as official COST Action chair and STSM coordinator will take place. Further details: PBB: ),

Conditions of contract

Employment can start on 1 November 2020, or later depending on mutual agreement. The contract will be initially for three months of probation period. Afterwards, the contract may be extended for up to four years total.

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