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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 07 Jan 2022

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Cyprus announces two (2) Special Scientist (Research Fellow) positions for full-time employment based on a contract for 12 months with the possibility of renewal. The successful candidates will conduct research in the H2020 EUniversal project under the supervision of Assistant Professor Mathaios Panteli, in collaboration with Prof Pierluigi Mancarella, The University of Manchester and University of Melbourne.

The EUniversal project, funded by the European Union, aims to develop a universal approach on the use of flexibility by Distribution System Operators and their interaction with the new flexibility markets, enabled through the development of the concept of the Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI) – a unique approach to foster interoperability across Europe.

Within the EUniversal project, the successful candidates will work on the development of algorithms for the resilience-driven design, planning and operation of the future low-carbon, flexible distribution networks. Hence, the required skills and expertise for the available positions include one or more of the following areas:

  • Design, planning and operation of distribution grids
  • Resilience-driven modelling and planning of distribution networks, with emphasis on the role of distributed energy resources and microgrids
  • Technical proficiency in multi-criteria decision-making and optimization techniques, with experience in relevant optimization software packages (e.g., GAMS and FICO Xpress).

University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus was officially founded in 1989 and started operating in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, in 1992. Within a short time, the University of Cyprus managed to achieve international recognition through an impressive course of development. Today, it is ranked 67th young university (under 50 years) and #251-300 worldwide in Engineering and Technology by the Times New Higher Education Rankings.

These great distinctions are the result of its dedication to excellence and continuous development. The University of Cyprus managed to stand out and receive awards for the new paths it has opened up in particularly demanding and dynamic contexts of research. The University of Cyprus becomes better every year; therefore, it wishes to attract the best employees.

Job Details

Duties and Responsibilities

The successful candidates will be responsible to conduct fundamental and/or applied research in the area of distribution network planning and operation. Depending on their qualifications and expertise, the successful candidates may be responsible to prepare reports and project deliverables, contribute to the preparation of research proposals, and assist in the supervision of undergraduate students. Furthermore, the successful candidates are expected to publish their research results in top international conferences and journals.

Profile of the ideal candidate

The ideal candidates must be able to work independently and/or in a team in fundamental and/or applied research, typically in the context of research and/or innovation projects. The ideal candidates must be able to produce, publish, and present research results in high quality conferences and journals and/or engage in innovation activities and transfer of knowledge, be able to prepare reports and project deliverables, attend academic and/or other conferences and seminars for further personal and professional development, assist in the preparation of research and/or innovation proposals, present periodically the progress of their research, and assist in the training, education, and dissemination activities of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s or/and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering or a related field from an accredited institution
  • Doctorate degree or equivalent in the subject areas directly related to Electrical Power Systems or Engineering and Technology, or other related field from an accredited institution

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