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Job Type: PartTime
Deadline: 24 Apr 2021

The Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus, accepts applications for the filling of one (1) position (part-time) of Special Scientist (Research Assistant). The selected candidate will work for the needs of the research program "Tackling anti-vaccination: Mapping the social transmission of beliefs and attitudes" of the Associate Professor Maria Karekla and the coordinator Dr. Angelos Kassianos.

It is noted that one (1) full-time month at the University of Cyprus is equal to 140 hours. The position is part-time (105 hours / month).


The Special Scientist will conduct research within the framework of the needs of the research program. The aim of the program is to investigate the social transmission of perceptions of resistance to vaccinations. The research is carried out in collaboration with centers of excellence in Cyprus and abroad such as Cyprus University of Technology, the Cyprus Medical Association, the ETH Zurich and Yale University, and will offer networking opportunities to the successful applicants as well as the opportunity to get acquainted with pioneering research methods like Social Network Analysis.

Specifically, successful candidate is expected to have the following duties and responsibilities:

• Cooperation with the Project Coordinator, meetings with all Collaborating Bodies and development of a cooperation network

• Development of research protocol which will entail an experimental study on social contagion of vaccination attitudes using social network analysis

• Collaboration with a company on setting up the online experiment using the Breadboard software

• Selecting methods for data collection

• Collaboration with a pediatrician to develop short intervention

• Analysis of quantitative data

• Direct participation in the writing of scientific articles.


• Degree in Psychology or related health field

• Postgraduate studies in areas such as Experimental Psychology, Experimental Research, Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology or Health Psychology

• Research experience commensurate with the tasks and in designing and conducting experiments.

The candidate's high academic performance and his / her appeal for research are considered as basic qualifications.

Applicants should have strong knowledge of research and analytical methods and excellent organizational skills.


• Doctorate in the above fields

• Postgraduate degree or experience in Research Methods

• Experience in research projects on vaccines or experimental methods

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