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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 30 Apr 2021

The Molecular Medicine Research Center of the Center of Excellence at the University of Cyprus has one (1)

opening for a Special Scientist (Research Fellow) in Bioinformatics, for research and data analysis, funded by

the research program: Center of Excellence in Research and Innovation - Biobanking and the Cyprus Human

Genome Project (CY-Biobank)”, which is co-funded by the European Commission, the Republic of Cyprus and

the University of Cyprus.

Necessary Qualifications:

The candidate must:

1. Hold a master's degree in Bioinformatics or a related subject (eg Computational Biology,

Mathematics, Biological Sciences, etc.). Doctoral degree (PhD) in these subjects will be considered as

an additional qualification.

2. Has at least 2 years of proven work / research experience in the field of analysis and management of

various types of clinical and biological data resulting from high throughput analyses and particular in

next generation sequencing data (NGS). Previous experience in NGS data analysis for genetic

diagnosis of diseases will be considered as an additional qualification.

3. Has knowledge in statistical analysis of clinical data, through the use of widely known tools such as,

RStudio, Galaxy, MATLAB etc., and good knowledge of Linux Operating System.

Candidate Profile:

The candidate should be creative, enthusiastic and passionate about research. Candidates do not have to be

citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. A candidate with previous experience in a similar position, who also has

proven qualifications and ability to take increased initiatives under the supervision of the Program

Coordinator, will be preferred.


The candidate will work closely with other researchers regarding:

1. The process and management of various types of data by applying appropriate bioinformatics tools

and analyses.

2. The design of workflows for analysis and evaluation of (NGS) data and results that include Variant

Annotation and filtering by Ampliseq, WES, WGS, RNA-Seq and miRNA-Seq.

3. The investigation of biological questions that can be applied in the genetics of inherited diseases.

The following skills will be considered an asset:

• Structured or practical training in biological mammalian systems, preferably in humans.

• Familiarity with popular advanced bioinformatics tools, as well as for ontology and data mining


• Advanced (Bio-) statistics knowledge.

Successful candidates must be creative, enthusiastic, passionate about their work and have research as their

future professional goal.

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