Software Engineer at the Maritime Digitalization Center

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 07 Aug 2022

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI), invites applications to recruit qualified applicants for the Software Engineer position at the Maritime Digitalization Center (MDigiC) of CMMI, situated in Cyprus. The employment period is a fixed-term contract, with the possibility of renewal.

Company Description:

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) is a non-profit, research, innovation and technology development organisation established in Cyprus, supported by EU funds via the Teaming program, as well as the Government of Cyprus and established industry stakeholders. The CMMI pulls together expertise from local universities and industry and international partners. MDigiC’s areas of interest include but are not restricted to, vessel performance optimisation, intelligent data acquisition, interpretation, and communication for informed decision support.

Candidate profile:

We seek to recruit visionary software engineers with the desire and ability to undertake a range of multidisciplinary projects that will support research work at the CMMI. At this early developmental stage of the CMMI, there is a great incentive to collaborate towards forging the direction of the Institute and to capitalise on partnerships with local and international CMMI partners. We seek scientists/researchers who will be excited to explore a diverse range of topics and contribute to MDigiC’s growth.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Strong analytical and integrative thinking
  • Strong organisational and teamwork skills
  • Strong written, oral, graphical, and digital presentation skills
  • Ability to interact with governmental, industrial, and other external organisations to build productive relationships
  • Ability to work under pressure, delegate and plan personal workload effectively
  • Ability to solve problems creatively.

Job description:

Successful candidates will contribute to CMMI projects, assist in the preparation of reports and deliverables, contribute to research proposals, scientific reports, conference, and journal publications, and develop software tools. Successful candidates are expected to have skills in the field of Computer Science, Data Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

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