Research Associates in Machine Learning and Robotics – Learning Agents and Robots (LEAR) group (# of pos: 2)

Updated: 5 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 20 Dec 2022

The Learning Agents and Robots (LEAR) research group ( ) conducts research on artificial intelligence and its intersection with robotics, focusing on creating software agents and robots that learn to predict and understand the world, solve tasks, accumulate skills, interact with humans or other agents, and make adaptive decisions in complex, dynamic and uncertain environments. To achieve these goals, the group investigates approaches from machine learning (e.g., deep learning, reinforcement learning, continual learning), evolutionary computation (e.g., quality-diversity optimization), robotic simulation, perception, planning and control, among others.  

Our newly-established robotics lab is currently populated with a Unitree A1 quadruped robot and 4 Parrot Anafi drones. 

The LEAR MRG is looking for research associates with experience in machine learning and robotics. The successful candidates will work under the supervision of Dr. Vassilis Vassiliades (leader of the LEAR group). 

The successful candidates will have the opportunity to conduct fundamental and/or applied research in the aforementioned areas. Where applicable, candidates may also participate in the preparation of project reports and deliverables, research proposals for funding, software development, and travel abroad for dissemination activities. Furthermore, successful candidates will be encouraged to publish/present their research results in prestigious international conferences and journals. 

Responsibilities of Research Associate:  

  • Carry out fundamental or applied research in the areas of Machine Learning and/or Robotics. 

  • Participate in currently active research projects in the research group. 

  • Participate in the preparation of reports, research papers, and presentations. 

  • Disseminate research findings. 

  • Participate in the preparation of grant proposals. 

  • Participate in innovation activities related to the exploitation of research outputs. 

  • Attend technical and non-technical training courses and workshops as required. 

  • Undertake any other required duties based on projects’ needs. 

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