Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Social & Political Sciences, University of Cyprus

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Deadline: 01 Jun 2023

8 May 2023
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University of Cyprus
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Political sciences
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Recognised Researcher (R2)

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1 Jun 2023 - 14:00 (Europe/Athens)
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H2020 / ERC
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Offer Description

The Department of Social & Political Sciences announces a 6-month postdoctoral research position, with possible extension for up to 4 years in total, pending satisfactory performance. The selected candidate will conduct research in the recently awarded ERC project ‘Disappearing Act: Reconstructing the Crime of Disappearances in Times of Political Violence’ (DISACT) under the supervision of the Principal Investigator, Dr. Iosif Kovras ( ). The filling of the position is subject to availability of funding.


Scope of the project

DISACT investigates the logic of the crime of disappearances in repressive and (post)conflict settings. It explores the historical origins of the crime, the rationale for violent (state and non-state) actors to deploy it, and the processes underpinning its international diffusion. DISACT is a comparative, interdisciplinary, and multimethod project blending ethnographic, forensic, legal, and archival evidence to enrich the understanding of one of the most complex human rights violations of our time. Explaining the motives driving disappearances could identify the unexamined and interlinked dynamics of state repression, colonialism, violent conflict, and post-conflict accountability.


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The successful candidate will conduct research on the historical evolution of the crime of disappearances, will make a substantive contribution to publications stemming from the project, and provide administrative support to reach the objectives of the project. In particular, the appointed candidate is expected to: - Contribute to high-quality publications and effectively collaborate with other members of the research team to analyse data. - Prepare comprehensive literature reviews associated with the scope of the project (eg political violence, international accountability, legacies of repression, transnational repression, forensic technologies etc). - Organize and participate in fieldwork in selected countries where research will be undertaken (eg Algeria, France, UK, Chile, Bosnia, Netherlands etc) - Organize and participate in ethnographic research in Cyprus - Organize and engage in interviews and systematic archival research - Co-ordinate the work of other members of the research team (eg local research consultants etc) & screen the quality of data collected from fieldwork. - Organize and undertake desk-research in supporting the project aims under the guidance of the principal investigator. - To work with other researchers as part of a broader research team - To draft and present papers/outputs of the research project to international conferences - To engage in activities that would enhance their professional development (i.e. courses and training) - To actively participate in the day-to-day activities of the project and help foster a lively and collegial research environment. - To be a good citizen of the project.

QUALIFICATIONS - PhD in Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology or a closely associated subject. - Expertise in one or more of the following themes/areas: political violence/conflict studies, state repression, enforced disappearances, or international accountability. - Demonstrable evidence of ability to publish in highly visible journals in the field. - Demonstrable experience in conducting high quality academic research that involves fieldwork and/or ethnographic methods. - Excellent knowledge of qualitative research methods in social sciences, with particular focus on comparative methods. - Experience in archival research - Ability to work independently, manage time effectively and meet tight deadlines. - Excellent communication & interpersonal skills to ensure a collegial work environment. - Demonstrable ability to work as part of a team, and possess excellent communication skills - Awareness of fundamental ethical issues in conducting research in social sciences. - Reliability and flexibility to adapt to the needs of the project. - Fluency in Greek and English

Research Field
Education Level
PhD or equivalent

Research Field
Political sciences
Education Level
PhD or equivalent

Research Field
Education Level
PhD or equivalent

Additional Information

EMPLOYMENT TERMS The position is on a contract basis originally for 6 months, with possible extension up to 48 months (4 years in total), pending satisfactory annual review of performance. The monthly gross salary is equal to €2,800. From the monthly gross earnings, the University of Cyprus will deduct the relevant sum which corresponds to the contributions of the employee to the various Governmental Funds and, if applicable, income tax. The position does not include a 13th Salary bonus.

Selection process

Interested candidates should submit the following items, in PDF or Word format, via e-mail to Dr Iosif Kovras email by 1st of June 2023. i. Cover letter that specifies which one of the three posts the candidate is interested in pursuing. ii. A statement with short description of academic and/or research experiences as well as the reasons for applying for the specific position (maximum 2 pages) iii. A detailed curriculum vitae in English (contact address and telephone number should be included) iv. Copies of transcripts of MSc/PhD degrees and official transcripts of each degree v. The names and contact details of at least two University professors from whom references may be requested

For more details and other information, interested individuals may contact Dr Iosif Kovras by email: or telephone: +357 22894565 At least the best three candidates that satisfy the required qualifications, will be interviewed by a 3-member Committee.

Candidates shall be informed of the result of their application by the relevant entity.

The University of Cyprus shall collect and process your personal data according to the provisions of the General Regulation on Personal Data 2016/679 (EU). The University of Cyprus (UCY) is committed to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and equality, as well as the elimination of all forms of discrimination in order to provide a fair, safe, and pleasant environment for the entire university community, where students and staff members will feel supported both in their professional and personal development, within and beyond their multiple identities. To this end, UCY seeks to create the necessary conditions that will encourage and respect diversity, and ensure dignity both in the workplace and society at large. Moreover, UCY has adopted specific policies to promote equal opportunities, as well as respect and understanding of diversity, while it is committed to promoting and maintaining a working, teaching, and learning environment, free from any form of discrimination, whether direct or indirect.

Additional comments

The Department of Social & Political Sciences The Department of Social and Political Sciences SPS is one of the largest university departments in Cyprus with about 450 undergraduate, 50 graduate, and 12 doctoral students. It offers academic programs in the three distinct fields of Sociology, Political Science and Journalism. More specifically, the Department: • Runs three popular undergraduate programs in Political Science (since 1996), Sociology (since 1997) and Journalism (since 2012); an MA program in Political Science (since 2012) and two PhD programs in Political Science and Sociology (since 1999) • Runs a Departmental Internship Program, offering the opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students to gain practical training in important public and private organizations • Runs one of the largest Erasmus university programs sending and hosting dozens of students through a well-established network of more than 50 universities • Participates in inter-university European programs and organizes an international summer school • Has an internationalized faculty that undertakes and publishes high-quality research and serves in the editorial boards and editorial teams of well-known international journals • Has faculty members who are actively involved in social outreach activities in Cyprus; policymaking in various national and international bodies; and offers expertise in various fora

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University of Cyprus

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