Ground Station Engineer for ERATOSTHENES CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE (earth observation) (# of pos: 2)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 21 Dec 2020

The ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence (ECoE) ( ) of the Cyprus University of Technology ( ) is seeking a Ground Station Engineer to join its fastgrowing team of passionate and enthusiastic professionals. This position is open on full-time (100%) or part-time basis.

This position is advertised globally within the framework of the EU-H2020 “EXCELSIOR” (Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment;; TEAMING Grant no. 857510). Through this project, the Cyprus University of Technology is establishing the ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence in Space Technology, Earth Observation and Geospatial Technology in the EMMENA (Eastern Mediterranean Middle East North Africa) region, in cooperation with the Department of Electronic Communications (DEC) from the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy (Cyprus) and with EU advanced Partners the German Aerospace Centre (DLR, Germany), TROPOS (Germany) and the National Observatory of Athens (NOA-Greece).

The ECoE is an autonomous Centre of Excellence with Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) as its sole stakeholder aiming to become a viable, sustainable Centre of Excellence in earth observation, space technology and geospatial analysis. CUT has a 13-year experience in earth observations and geospatial analysis. Through the ‘EXCELSIOR’ H2020 Teaming Project (20192026) the ERATOSTHENES CoE also aspires to become an excellent Digital Innovation Hub for Earth Observation and Geospatial Information by offering education, responsible research, open innovation and application services capable of sustaining Cyprus’s development. The ERATOSTHENES CoE aspires to actively contribute to the European Research Area (ERA) priorities in Atmosphere and Climate, Resilient Societies and Big Earth Data Analytics, as well as to become the reference Earth Observation/Geoinformation Centre for research and innovation in the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa (EMMENA) region.

One of the targets of the ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence (ECoE) is to establish a data acquisition ground station (DAS), able to directly receive data from various Earth observation satellite systems. The DAS comprises at least a parabolic dish and fully-moveable mount in order to track orbiting satellites, the appropriate HF electronics to acquire and transfer baseband data received in various bands (e.g., S, X, Ka), data recording and digital data processing electronics and ITs, Systems incl. network connection to transfer data to various partners. Partners may also use the DAS for their purposes and/or might establish their own station nearby (i.e., Data Acquisition Station Hosting; DASH). The DAS and DASH need to be operated in a 24/7 environment guaranteeing safety and uninterrupted supply of power and network capacity. ECoE is going to look for appropriate sites and site hosting partners in Cyprus to establish DAS and DASH.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Lead the specification and requirements definition activities; 2. Contribute to procurement and follow-up the contractor´s development activities; 3. Lead the installation and maintenance of the DAS in Cyprus. 4. Follow-up the Assembly, Integration and Tests of new DAS procured from industry, and lead on site acceptance testing; 5. Define the operations and maintenance plan of DAS and be the primary point of contact for all technical matters for the site hosting partner 6. Define and validate, with ground segment, system development and operations teams, an adequate transition plan from ground station acceptance to entry into operations, including contributions to relevant ground segment and system Integration Verification and Validation tests; 7. Integrate and test all HF electronics and IT systems (incl. hard -and software), required to operate the DAS and acquire mission data from specific EO systems 8. Any other relevant duties deemed necessary.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills:

1. A degree or Master in Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or any other related field. 2. Extensive knowledge in Technical Infrastructure Support, design and operations of Ground Receiving Stations. 3. Experience in managing employees and contractors in the delivery of reactive maintenance or a planned maintenance provision. 4. Proven experience in ground stations engineering following well established system engineering processes covering the full development lifecycle, and relevant technical standards. 5. Competence and in-field proven experience in the area of Ground Stations Assembly Integration and Test and integration of ground stations into ground segment and endto-end satellite systems.

6. Knowledge and experience in computing systems and data processors, incl integration and test of software. 7. Experience in ground stations maintenance. 8. Understanding and experience in the management of industrial contracts in the area of ground stations engineering or development will be considered an advantage. 9. Have demonstrable experience of managing varied workloads and conflicting priorities 10. At least 5 years of experience in a position with similar responsibilities including experience in procurement. 11. A current car driving license

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