Postdoctoral Researcher with fixed term appointment in the Laboratory for General Microbiology and...

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 29 Oct 2021

-Applicants (m/f) must meet the requirements set forth by the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education (Official Gazette No. 123/03, 198/03, 105/04, 174/04, 2/07- Constitutional Court Decision, 46/07, 45/09, 63/11, 94/13, 139/13, 101/14 - Constitutional Court Decision, 60/15);

- an appropriate Bachelor's Degree and Master's degree or an equivalent graduate degree in an appropriate research field;

- knowledge of English language;

- working knowledge in computer;

- prefereable work experience related to the isolation, identification and characterization of molds;

- preferable experience in conducting microbiological and mycological analyzes and molecular methods;

- preferable working experience on LC / MS-MS and SEM;

- preferable experience in the microbiological laboratory;

- preferable experience in the field of application of biological methods in binding, removal and biotransformations of mitotoxins.

Applicants must meet the requirements specified by the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education 101/14, 60/15 and 131/17); by the Regulation on the appointment of scientific-educational, scientific, educational, associate and professional titles issued by the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb (available on the Faculty's web site);

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