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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Jun 2020


In addition to the general requirements for establishment employment relationship determined by law, candidates shall also meet the following requirements: completed university graduate study in ecology and nature protection, module: inland waters, field experience in collecting macrozoobenthos and adult aquatic insects, and experience in isolation and determination of aquatic invertebrates

Additional conditions: active knowledge of English in speech and writing, experience in writing scientific papers and statistical data processing

To the tender, under the equal requirements, persons of both sexes may apply. The terms used in this tender, who have gender significance, whether used in the masculine or the feminine gender, cover male and female gender on equal basis.

A candidate in the tender procedure is considered a person who has submitted a duly, complete and timely application for the tender, together with all the annexes, and who fully meets all requirements of the tender.

The candidate who obtains the employment advantage on the basis of special regulations, shall in application invoke this right, and on this tender enclose all evidences that special rules provide for the right to priority in employment. Such candidates shall have the advantage of employment under the concerned tender in comparison with the other candidates, under the same established conditions of the tender, on the basis of a duly, complete and timely application, provided that they meet all the requirements of the tender and that they achieved the best results on the interview.  

Candidates are required to submit with application:CV,evidence of acquired professional qualifications,proof of citizenship, Annex number 1 (statement of consent to the publication of a professional CV)

Candidates who meet the additional conditions of the tender are required to provide evidence of compliance with these additional conditions to the application for the tender.

A duly and complete application is considered an application containing all the information and all annexes required in the tender. Incomplete, irregular and untimely applications will not be considered, nor will applicants of such applications subsequently be invited to update the same.

Foreign citizens should provide evidence of the knowledge of the Croatian language.

The results of the tender procedure will be published on the official website of the Faculty of Science: (Tenders).

A candidate, who did not respond to interview on time and place, by special invitation, shall be considered that the candidate abandoned the tender procedure. Incomplete and untimely applications will not be considered.

University in Zagreb the Faculty of Science collects and processes the personal data of the applicants on the tender for establishment employment relationship for the purpose of verifying the qualification and meeting the conditions of the tender, in accordance with the Decision on collection, protection and processing of personal data (CLASS: 035-01/18-01; REF. N.: 251-58-10201-18-2).

Bids with proof of compliance with requirements from the tender shall be submitted to the following address: the Faculty of Sciences, Deanery (Humane resources), Zagreb, Horvatovac 102a or by e-mail:

With the prior approval of the selected candidate, and in accordance with article 25 paragraph 1 of the Collective agreement for science and higher education (OG 9/2019), the Faculty of Science will also publish a professional CV on the official website of the Faculty of Science, provided that the selected candidate has signed the consent according to annex no. 1 , which is an integral part of this tender.The professional CV of the selected candidate will be published with the information on the results of the tender procedure on the official website of the Faculty.

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