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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 06 Jul 2022

The ADAPT Centre team will work with Smart D8 through Dublin City Council in a 2-year project to deliver objectives relating to the Smart D8 programme of work for 2022-2024 as part of a collaboration agreement.

This project seeks to recruit a researcher who will work as part of the Smart City team located in Dublin City Council to ensure the delivery of the Smart D8 project. The researcher will have regular engagement with ADAPT research experts, led by Prof. Aphra Kerr from Maynooth University, who will provide feedback and guidance on the research programme, outputs and impact.

The researcher will be expected to take a hands-on approach to deliver against the following distinct programme activity areas:

  • Driving, managing and monitoring the development and implementation of the Smart D8 Programme of Work for 2022-2024 including engaging relevant stakeholders in workshops to develop a vision and roadmap for Smart D8 2.0 and providing regular updates on Smart D8 progress.
  • Supporting the development, oversight and facilitation of engaged research projects; utilising ADAPT’s research expertise in advanced technology, artificial intelligence, education and public engagement, data interoperability, data and technology governance and ethics, and domain expertise in healthcare.
  • Applying and evaluating public engagement methodologies, such as living labs.
  • Cultivating, growing and maintaining a strong ecosystem of relevant stakeholders and project partners including; researchers, industry partners, local communities, government and public services, patient representative bodies and local authority staff through in person and online engagement activities and events.
  • Identifying and engaging with relevant stakeholders in relation to potential sources of funding to support health and wellbeing initiatives at local, national and international levels and provide support to prepare and submit funding applications and proposals.
  • Data analysis, report writing and funding proposal development.

The successful candidate will coordinate the development of a vision for developing the Smart D8 district as a world-class ‘Smart Health and Community Well-being’ testbed that offers the opportunity for R&D with the ability to test products and services locally.

The successful candidate will work with partners to investigate the extent to which ‘smart’ technology can be used to help and support those in the Dublin 8 area who are living with short or long-term ill health. They will explore environmental factors like how air quality, access to green spaces, government services and amenities and the local economy can influence quality of life in an area. They will work with partners to investigate how digital applications, content and technology could be used to improve general population health and well-being.

The role is based in Dublin 8 and involves the post holder working outside of standard working hours to attend relevant community, industry or professional networking events. Some travel may be required from time to time


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