Professor/Researcher; Associate Professor/Associate Researcher; Lecturer/Assistant Researcher in German Language and Literature

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The School of German Studies was founded in March, 1950. Its German Language and Literature program is accredited to confer the Master’s degree and the PhD degree. It has been ratified as a National Key Discipline by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, and established 6 majors for graduate program (German Literature, German Linguistic, Translation Theory and Practice between German and Chinese, German Diplomacy and Economy, Intercultural and Economic Communication and Teaching German as a Second Language), and 6 majors for PhD program (German Literature, German Linguistics, German Diplomacy, German Economy, Intercultural Studies and Translation Stidies). Now there are in total 31 teachers and 462 students in the School of German Studies.

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Official website of the School of German Studies:


Applicants should

  • have passion for higher education and fulfill teachers' duties in accordance with laws.
  • have academic rigor and be good team players. Comply with academic integrity principles, teaching ethics and norms.
  • have research experience and potentials for teaching and academic research.
  • hold PhD degrees in the relevant disciplines from well-known universities, and have outstanding publication records.
  • be in good health to fulfill duties.
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