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Deadline: 16 Jan 2023

The International Center for Primate Brain Research (ICPBR), directed by Prof. Nikos Logothetis and Prof. Muming Poo, affiliated with the Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology (CEBSIT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, is looking for the head of the Electronics Workshop, several postdoctoral and research scientists for its various laboratories in different areas of research.

Position 1: MR Physicist/Technical Assistant

The applicant should have solid computer skills, above-average commitment, an interdisciplinary interest in neuroscience and MR imaging, and an excellent ability to learn and communicate with co-workers to solve problems. The laboratory is equipped with two horizontal Bruker BioSpec systems, a 7T/30 cm and a newly installed 7T/40 cm. In addition, a new vertical Tesla/Bruker system will be installed next year. The research focus is on the combination of functional imaging with simultaneous electrophysiological experiments in monkeys (Nature 2001, 412(6843):150-7), whereby a close linkage of new MR techniques with neuroscientific questions is sought.

Specific requirements:

-With a university degree in physics, electrical engineering, or biomedical engineering.

-Experience with MR systems and fast imaging MR techniques, especially functional applications is desirable.

Job Responsibilities:

- Management of MRI systems, including installation and maintenance.

- Perform MR imaging experiments with co-workers and researchers including operation of MR data acquisition and support of other experiment procedures.

- Basic evaluation and analysis of functional MR images, data backup.

- Programming and modification of MR pulse sequences.

- Collaboration in the neuroscientific research team for the development of new fast fMRI imaging methods and contrast techniques.

Position 2: Head of the Electronics Workshop

The person must be familiar with the management of a workshop in which electronic measurement and control devices for the research sector are to be manufactured.

Specific requirements:

- Education and major: college degree or above; preferably in electronic engineering

- Working experience: no less than 5 years of working experience in the electronic field / incl. overview of suppliers and manufacturers of electric parts and devices

- Knowledge and skills: familiar with electronic circuit design and production (assembling); Strong planning, organizing, leading, and coordinating ability and execution; strong coordination, communication, and team-building ability. Trained in knowledge related to safety and environmental systems; Ability to communicate with MRI-Engineers

- Good English communication

Job Responsibilities

- Responsible for management of the electronic workshop and stuff for production and safety

- Establish and improve the system of the electronic workshop, which can solve problems related to electrophysiological measurements inside and outside of the MRI machine

- Efficiently coordinate work with staff and researchers

Position 3: Postdoctoral fellow and Research Scientist

The main goal of the institute is to understand the processes of self-organization of the brain concurrently at micro, meso, and macroscopic levels, using multidisciplinary methods and combinations of technologies, such as electrophysiological recordings, electrical or optogenetic stimulation, anatomical, pharmacological, and neurochemical approaches, and genetic engineering, together with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The ICPBR offers a unique world-class brain research facility with multiple high-field MRI scanners for non-human primates and rodents, large-scale electrophysiological and perturbation methodologies, human psychophysics, EEG, and molecular MR neuroimaging. Research in the different laboratories at the ICPBR concerns cognitive, systems, and computational neuroscience, with a specific focus including (but not limited to) fundamental dynamic brain states (Nikos Logothetis Lab), neural circuits underlying conscious perception and cognition (Vishal Kapoor Lab), embodied self-awareness pathways (Henry Evrard Lab), and enhancing MR capabilities using novel contrast approaches to study brain physiology (Goran Angelovski Lab).

Candidates with a strong research interest and a demonstrated proficiency in either of the research methodologies and/or topics of the ICPBR are invited to apply. Postdoctoral candidates should have a Ph.D. in a domain that relates to the research being carried within the laboratories at ICPBR (e.g., neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, medicine, animal behavior, chemistry). Highly motivated candidates with a strong interest in pursuing cutting-edge neuroscience research and a strong quantitative or computational background are also encouraged to apply (e.g., physics, mathematics, electrical or biomedical engineering, computer science). Research Scientists candidates are expected to have completed at least one very successful postdoc and have the ambition to develop their own research within the theme of either of the ICPBR laboratories.

We provide a highly interdisciplinary, international, inclusive, and supportive work environment for performing exciting cutting-edge research where qualified candidates will receive support from the institute and abundant opportunities for scientific exchange both domestically and internationally. The institute supports the career and personal development of the candidates including opportunities related to talent programs available for outstanding postdoctoral fellows in the Chinese Academy of Science.

To enquire about the available positions and application procedure, please email your query and CV to Conchy Moya, , with the “NATURE JOB AD” in the subject line of your email.

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