Invigilators - SPOT Mid-Terms

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Job Type: PartTime

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Hiring Unit:
School of Physical and Occupational Therapy


PHTH 550 Written (2 positions)

OCC1 618 Written (5 positions)

PHTH 550 OSCE (1 positions)

POTH 455 Written (2 positions)

PHTH 551 Written (2 positions)

PHTH 550 OSCE (1 positions)

PHTH 551 Written (2 positions)

Number of Positions:

15 Positions Total

Exam Dates/Times:

PHTH 550 Written: 17-October, 2022: 14:30-17:30 + 1 hour additional

OCC1 618 Written: 18-October, 2022: 08:30-10:30 + 1 hour additional

PHTH 550 OSCE: 18-October, 2022: 12:00-17:00 + 30 minutes additional

POTH 455 Written: 18-October, 2022: 11:30-14:30 + 1 hour additional

PHTH 551 Written: 19-October, 2022: 14:30-17.30 + 1 hour additional

PHTH 550 OSCE: 20-October, 2022: 12:00-17:00 + 30 minutes additional

PHTH 551 Written: 23-November, 2022: 14:30-17:30 + 1 hour additional





Position Summary:
Responsible for setting up the examination room according to specific requirements as well as ensuring that equipment and facilities are functioning properly. Administers the delivery of the electronic and paper exams and documentation accordingly. Handles students’ issues and directs them to IT support, the Exam Administrator or Professor as needed. Ensures that students comply with regulations with respect to the exam. Responsible to report any behavior by students or others that does not comply with University regulations. Ensures that all mobile and web‐accessible electronic devices are collected from the students prior to the start of the examination and returned upon their departure. Ensures that students are accompanied to the washroom. Alerts the Professor or Exam Administrator when students have a question. At the end of the examination period, collects all exam materials and ensures nothing is left behind in the examination room(s). Responsible for reporting back to the Professor or Exam Administrator and ensuring delivery of the exams.

High School Leaving Certificate/Diploma (minimum requirement).

Hourly Salary:

(AGSEM Invigilator) $14.25

Deadline to Apply:


McGill University hires on the basis of merit and is strongly committed to equity and diversity within its community. We welcome applications from racialized persons/visible minorities, women, Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, as well as from all qualified candidates with the skills and knowledge to productively engage with diverse communities. McGill implements an employment equity program and encourages members of designated groups to self-identify. Persons with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations for any part of the application process may contact, in confidence, .

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