Herbarium Database & Digitizing Technician

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Location: Ottawa Centre Town, ONTARIO
Job Type: FullTime

Staff - Union

Job Category
CUPE 116

Job Profile
CUPE 116 Salaried - Research Assistant /Technician 1

Job Title
Herbarium Database & Digitizing Technician

Administrative Support | Herbarium Vascular Plants & Algae Collection | Beaty Biodiversity Museum | Faculty of Science

Compensation Range
$3,771.00 - $3,956.00 CAD Monthly

Posting End Date
April 7, 2023

Note: Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM on the day prior to the Posting End Date above.

Job End Date

Mar 31, 2024

This position is expected to be filled by promotion/reassignment and is included here to inform you of its vacancy at the University.

Job Summary
The Beaty Biodiversity Museum, part of UBC’s Beaty Biodiversity Centre, houses over 2.1 million natural history specimens, presents educational programs and exhibits and includes a teaching lab, auditorium, and a museum store. The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is divided into several major collections - Spencer Entomological Collection, Cowan Tetrapod Collection, Fossil Collection, Fish Collection, Marine Invertebrate Collection and the Herbarium which has several collections within itself.
The Herbarium cares for 800,000 specimens and objects and is a major resource for research and undergraduate and graduate engagement for the Faculty of Science supporting the museum’s public outreach and educational programming. The Herbarium is overseen by the Herbarium Director in consultation with Faculty Curators. Collections Curators manage day-to-day activities in collections.
Working directly with the Herbarium Collections Curator, the Herbarium Database & Digitizing Technician - Vascular Plants & Algae is responsible for providing database and digitization support to collections of the Herbarium.

Organizational Status
The Herbarium Database & Digitizing Technician - Vascular Plants & Algae reports directly to the Herbarium Collections Curator - Vascular Plants & Algae. Additional interactions include working with the Herbarium Director, Faculty Curators, museum personnel, students, volunteers, and other visitors to the Herbarium
Work Performed

The Herbarium Database & Digitizing Technician - Vascular Plants & Algae is responsible for providing database and digitization support to collections of the Herbarium. Specific duties include:

-Maintain research related records and databases, entering data according to established protocols, using bioinformatics and R-coding for data migration of large, complex datasets

-Research reports, assessments, surveys, resources and taxonomic texts and assess information to verify species distribution and status, ecology, land use protections and human and natural pressures.

-Translate and migrate historic data to on-line resources

-Geolocate Species in British Columbia

-Assists with routine tasks including imaging the collection based on established protocols

-Performs basic literature research, such as, searching for articles on-line or the library.

-Prepares and fixes delicate, invaluable, and irreplaceable specimens

-Performs other related tasks as required

Consequence of Error/Judgement
Work is reviewed by supervisor. Poor work performance will jeopardize museum specimens, compromise database integrity, yield inaccurate and un-searchable results, and potentially limit the research endeavors of the Herbarium.
Supervision Received

Tasks will be assigned by the Herbarium Collections Curator - Vascular Plants & Algae. The Herbarium Database & Digitizing Technician - Vascular Plants and Algae will be responsible for routine duties carried out under direct supervision in accordance with detailed instructions.

Supervision Given
Minimum Qualifications
High school graduation and a minimum one year of related experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
Preferred Qualifications

B.Sc. in Biology plus one-year related experience working with natural history collections.

·         Demonstrate understanding of database management systems; ArchGIS & Specify

·         Experience in database entry and imaging;

·         Ability of interpret scientific literature and associated literature to current database objectives;

·         Working knowledge of plant taxonomy, identification and systematics;

·         Demonstrated ability to follow and carry out instructions while working independently and within a team environment;

·         Accuracy, attention to detail, and the ability to reliably carry out simple calculations;

·         Strong English language skills, effective oral and written communication, interpersonal organizational, and multitasking skills; 

·         Experience with Filemaker and Photoshop;

·         Good manual dexterity and the ability of work at a computer for long periods of time.

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