Postdoctoral fellowship in Reservoir Engineering – Production Optimization

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Oct 2020

The Energy Production Innovation Center (EPIC) has opened a call for applicants for postdoctoral fellowship opportunities funded by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) in the area of Reservoir Engineering – Production Optimization. EPIC is supported by FAPESP and Equinor Brasil Energia and is located at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil.

Research Line 1 – Production Optimization using Numerical Reservoir Simulation Models (RL1), coordinated by Prof. Denis Schiozer (FEM/UNICAMP), aims to investigate approaches to improve the decision-making and optimization processes related to the development and management of the petroleum reservoirs of Brazilian pre-salt. These processes involve several technological challenges related to reservoir and fluid properties and oil recovery methods, such as water alternating gas (WAG-CO2 ) and polymer flooding. RL1 will also investigate digital initiatives such as intelligent wells, smart control of petroleum fields, real-time data analysis and processing using machine-learning methods, hardware acceleration, and visualization techniques.

RL1 will develop research on the following topics:

  • AT1: Reservoir characterization and representation in simulation models;
  • AT2: Production optimization and decision-making under uncertainty;
  • AT3: Simulation of enhanced oil recovery methods;
  • AT4: Simulation and visualization of models;
  • AT5: Integration between reservoir and production systems.

Currently, RL1 has the participation of the following professors: Denis Schiozer (School of Mechanical Engineering - FEM/UNICAMP), Anderson Rocha (IC/UNICAMP), André Fioravanti (School of Mechanical Engineering - FEM/UNICAMP), Celmar Silva (School of Technology - FT/UNICAMP), Guilherme Coelho (School of Technology - FT/UNICAMP), Marcio Pinto (Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo - POLI/USP), and Phillippe Devloo (School of Civil Engineering - FEC/UNICAMP).

The applicants must send the following documents by e-mail to , informing in the subject line “EPIC | Postdoctoral application for RL1”:

1) Resume and full academic records, including the GPA;

2) A motivation letter, written in English, explaining the interest in the vacancy, your preferred field of research and your motivation for joining the research center;

3) Two letters of recommendation.

4) List of scientific publications, Master and PhD Thesis.

An interview will be scheduled after the analysis of the applicant’s documentation.


  • All vacancies require fluency in English.
  • All vacancies are full-time research opportunities.
  • The post-doctoral fellowship includes a monthly stipend of R$ 7,373.10 (around USD 1,900 or EURO 1,700), access to the health-care system of Unicamp, and research contingency funds (15% of the annual value of the fellowship, each year)
  • For more details on the candidate’s requirements, check out Fapesp’s webpage

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