Tenured academic staff / Tenure track lecturer Biostatistics (2 x 50% or 1 x 100%)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 17 Aug 2021


The scientific research conducted within the Center for Statistics, a division of I-BioStat, is internationally renowned, both for its theoretical as well as for its applied component. The education and consultancy records are excellent.

For more information: https://www.uhasselt.be/censtat

The Interuniversity Institute for Biostatistis and statistical Bioinformatics (I-Biostat) unites the Center for Statistics (CenStat ) at Universiteit Hasselt

& Leuven Biostatistics and statistical Bioinformatics Centre (L-BioStat)

For more information: www.ibiostat.be

Education task

  • You will have educational responsibilities for courses in the domain of biostatistics in the Master of Statistics at Hasselt University. 
  • You will also teach courses in applied mathematics and statistics in various other programmes (bachelor/masters) at Hasselt University. 
  • You can also be involved in the organisation and supervision of Bachelortheses/Mastertheses.

Research mission

  • It is expected that you will strengthen and/or extend (both from a methodological and an application area perspective) the current research themes at CenStat and I-BioStat in the field of biostatistics. 
  • You will direct a part of his/her research interests towards scientific consulting endeavors (including service teaching for research institutions and industry) and ensure a fruitful interaction between the consulting, education, and research mission. 
  • You will strengthen the inter-university cooperation. 
  • You attract researchers and acquire funds for fundamental, applied and innovative research.
  • You will supervise PhD-students. 
  • You show organizational commitment and contribute to the objectives from the research group Censtat.


  • You have obtained a PhD in (bio)statistics (or equivalent)
  • A demonstrable experience in scientific consultation and contract research for industry is an added advantage.
  • You have got experience with respect to various aspects of academic education: coordination and organization of courses, development of teaching materials and supervision of practical projects and dissertations.
  • You are cooperative and can work well in teams.
  • A demonstrable experience in preparation and acquisition of scientific grants at national/international level is an added advantage.
  • You have proven (methodological and applied) scientific experience in biostatistics and have published in international scientific publications.
  • You are involved in national/international partnerships.
  • Academic staff must meet the statutory language requirements for knowledge of the language of instruction (Dutch). If necessary, Hasselt University offers concrete, tailored support measures to help achieve the required language level.

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