Research Manager for Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers (pMUTs)

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Deadline: 15 Dec 2022

(ref. OZK-2022-24)

Laatst aangepast : 24/11/2022

The employee will be part of the Research Division Micro- and Nano-systems (MNS) in the Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT), Group Science and Technology of KU Leuven. By joining the LucidWave project, you have the opportunity to join an ambitious and high profile EU project for the development of the next generation of ultrasound medical imaging systems aiming to create a healthier world and to save lives. You have the chance to lead a team of engineers and be a key member (technical manager) of a future start-up company, which is the main objective of this project. Furthermore, you will play a leadership role in the design/development of our advanced ultrasound imaging system and other MEMS devices based on piezoelectric technology. LucidWave is part of the interdisciplinary environment of the MNS group that gives you access to the cutting-edge technology and resources towards pushing the boundaries of diagnostic ultrasound imaging.

  • Writing scientific grant proposals, making collaboration with relevant research projects, and introducing new research topics with known expertise. 
  • Responsible for the LucidWave Ultrasound lab; making sure to expose the high-end available tools widely at KU Leuven and beyond.
  • Leading the Hardware and Software research team of the LucidWave project and co-promoting other PhD researchers on relevant projects.
  • Research on business aspects of the project and analyzing the market towards valorization.
  • Research coordination on all aspects of medical ultrasound imaging to open new research paths, possibilities, and innovations.
  • Research, development, and fabrication of Piezoelectric Micromachines Ultrasound Transducers (pMUTs), mainly but not exclusively for medical imaging application, and further for speakers, microphones, flexible transducers, etc.
  • Implement and further improve the state-of-the-art technologies into the research projects.
  • Publishing scientific papers in high impact factor journals, such as Nature, Science, IEEE UFFC, etc.
  • Participating in scientific conferences and seminars and organizing them in case of an event.
  • Networking in an international point of view for further opportunities and collaboration.
  • Hiring and interviewing potential new researchers, PhD students.
  • Responsible for the MNS cleanroom to organize, train and teach students.

  • PhD in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or bio-engineering with in-depth knowledge in micro and nano systems.
  • In-depth knowledge in micro-systems fabrication and experienced in MEMS cleanroom activities.
  • In-depth knowledge in piezoelectric thin-films and their depositions.
  • Experienced with relevant ultrasound and vibration measurement tools.
  • Software knowledge: Layout tools, Comsol, 3D CAD tools.
  • Bonus, if the candidate has experience on design and fabrication of pMUTs.
  • Having experience with ultrasound products, beamforming, and clinical science/research is a great bonus.
  • Work independently as well as in a team.
  • Being ambitious, motivated, creative, organized, practically skillful and result oriented.
  • Good communication skills and a good knowledge in English (spoken and written).


Joining the LucidWave project gives you the opportunity to be a key member in the future start-up company. We offer you a permanent contract as a research manager. The position will be compensated by a competitive salary, including end-of-year and summer holiday bonus.

LucidWave has a lot of potential for quick growth, which makes it an ideal place for people looking for a bright future. By joining LucidWave at its early phase, you can demonstrate your capabilities, accelerate your growth and pave the way for your further career.


For more information please contact Prof. dr. Michael Kraft, tel.: +32 16 37 37 56, mail:

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