R&D Engineer MOVPE GaN Epitaxy

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 23 May 2021

Do you want to contribute fundamentally to the quality of research and development? Join us as a process step engineer?

The context

The MOVPE technology is used at imec to epitaxially grow AlGaN/GaN based materials for power and RF transistors because of their higher critical electric field for breakdown and faster switching speed. It is expected that a significant power saving will be realized over the conventional Si power devices, thus contributing to the overall energy efficiency of power supplies, photovoltaic inverters, and many other power systems.

Key to all these applications is the growth of the GaN hetero structures on 200 mm Si, using metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE, also known as MOCVD).

To reinforce imec’s R&D in this field, we are looking for a hands-on (m/f) R&D engineer in MOVPE GaN epitaxy, which is eager to contribute to this technological challenge.

What you will do

You are member of the epitaxy research group (EPI), which is responsible for developing growth processes in close collaboration with imec’s device integration departments. You work in a cross-functional team of about 15 people with whom you interact frequently. You will work in a dynamic multidisciplinary and multicultural environment in close cooperation with researchers, process and hardware engineers, industrial assignees, and device experts.

As a Researcher on Epitaxial growth, you will be responsible for MOVPE processes of III-N materials. Primarily, you are responsible for developing the processes that are required by imec’s programs or customers.

More specifically, you will:

  • Define, organize, and validate process developments for the epitaxial growth of III-N materials and look for specific integration solutions.
    • Identify process requirements and development opportunities,
    • Timely execute process optimisation and development projects,
    • Actively contribute to the research programs and joint development programs with external partners,
    • Share and discuss your results at team and program meetings,
    • Perform material and electrical characterizations of the grown layer stacks,
    • A big part of your practical work will be in the cleanroom.
  • Transfer the optimised processes to the engineering support and operational teams (“line releases”) or to our industrial partners (“tech transfers”).
    • This includes documenting the processes, giving classroom and field trainings, and supporting the engineering support or industrial partners during their initial ramp up phase.
  • Monitor industry trends and innovations, applying scientific knowledge and adapting to imec research programs and activities. Interface with device researchers to identify the future needs and trends.
  • Provide fundamental understanding on the physical and chemical processes that govern the growth dynamics of III-N materials on blanket Si substrates or patterned device wafers.
    • Report about your work to industrial partners, on international conferences, publish key results in scientific journals and turn new ideas into IP.

You will be coached on-the-job by a senior MOVPE scientist.

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