Professor 'Nano-Electronics Engineering'

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The Faculty of Engineering, Department Elektronica en informatica, is looking for a part-time professor

More concretely your work package contains: 

Education and Research domain:


Education tasks:

We are looking for someone who can convey knowledge to the audience in an inspiring way, who adapts seamlessly to the level of the audience, and who displays empathy towards the public. You will run courses in the Master program of Electrical and/or Photonics Engineering. The courses in the Master are taught in English, formally require that the member of the academic staff must master the teaching language at CEFR level C1 (or equivalent), and that this must be demonstrated by means of a qualification certificate issued by an officially recognized body. 

In terms of course content: 

  • Master courses taught in English and they cover the following topics: essential semiconductor and electronic device physics; nano-transistor field effect and bipolar transistor technologies, fabrication techniques, design technology co-optimization techniques;
  • At later stage (after at least 5 years), Bachelor courses to be taught in Dutch can be added to the educational portfolio: in disciplines related electronic devices. 

Research tasks:

First and in terms of research and innovation activities, you will inspire and oversee the research on nanoelectronics: 

  • in-depth expertise in advanced semiconductor physics and nano-electronic devices;

  • in-depth knowledge of fabrication technologies for advanced nano-transistors ;

  • in-depth knowledge in design-technology and co-optimization.

Furthermore, you will inspire and guide a research group with several PhD collaborators and master students. To this end, you train and motivate co-workers, and engage and interact with your colleagues in a friendly and open-minded way. You will be collaborating with other research groups, industrial partners and with other universities at national and international level. You will facilitate and organize these interactions and define joint projects, manage these projects, and report results adequately. You must also be willing to integrate in the ETRO department and in the faculty of engineering and define the steppingstones and the vision underpinning the scientific strategy of the department and the faculty.  You are prepared to have a bridging function with third parties: universities, research institutes and companies, and you have a strong affinity with industrial partners and industrial projects.  

Other tasks:

  • You are committed to the further development and proper functioning of the department and the faculty. 
  • You actively contribute to the image of the department, the programme, the faculty and the university (including department activities, student recruitment, study information days, popularization of science, etc.). 
  • You take up responsibilities in faculty (and possibly university) bodies.

For this function, our Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus (Elsene) will serve as your home base. 

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