Pro­fessor or As­sist­ant/​As­so­ci­ate Pro­fessor, at­mo­spheric sciences and applied mathematics

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Deadline: 02 Nov 2021

The Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) at the University of Helsinki (UH), Faculty of Science, is a multi- and interdisciplinary research unit based in physics, chemistry, meteorology, forest sciences, environmental sciences and social sciences. INAR aims to strengthen the internationally leading, integrated multidisciplinary research and education environment for atmospheric and Earth system science, and to provide scientific results for national and international environmental and climate policy. It performs multiscale research from molecular to global scales, and focuses on climate change, air quality, biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem processes. INAR has INAR Finland Network partners at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Eastern Finland and Tampere University.

The Department of Computational Engineering (COPE) of the LUT School of Engineering Science (LENS) at Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT specialises in inverse problems and computer vision and pattern recognition. The department is a part of the Centre of Excellence of Inverse Modelling and Imaging 2018-2025, funded by the Academy of Finland. The research group at LUT is internationally known for its expertise in Bayesian estimation and learning methods, as well as for the development of data assimilation methods. We work in seamless collaboration with the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).

The Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki and LUT School of Engineering Science invite applications for the position of


The professorship in atmospheric sciences and applied mathematics is a joint position of the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth system Research (INAR), Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki and Department of Computational Engineering (COPE) of the LUT School of Engineering Science (LENS) at LUT University. The position is located in Lahti Campus.

The duty of the professorship is to promote the collaboration of UH and LUT units, combining the atmospheric sciences at UH and the modelling methodologies studied at LUT. Especially the focus is on modelling methods applicable for understanding atmospheric phenomena. The person appointed to the professorship must present strong research merits in applied mathematics and/or atmospheric sciences (modelling and/or data analysis). Examples of the topics and areas of expertise are the following:

• Retrieval algorithms, emulator models for remote sensing of the atmosphere and earth surface
• Computational and statistical methods for data-analysis of large data sets, data fusion and data assimilation
• Atmospheric chemistry and/or physics, especially the chemistry and/or physics of NOx and SOx, their emissions, concentrations and fluxes
• Atmospheric chemistry of volatile organic compounds, their emissions, concentrations and fluxes, SOA formation
• Atmospheric chemistry, physics and dynamics of small clusters
• Greenhouse gases, their concentrations and fluxes between the atmosphere and Earth surface.

We expect evidence of successful project work and research collaboration. Proof of and potential in high-impact international publishing and the experience and prospects of acquisition of competitive external funding is valued. Collaboration with businesses and/or public sector is considered an advantage. Documented cross-disciplinary and international cooperation is considered a merit. The professor is expected to shape the research field as needed based on the demands of the local education and research, and to collaborate across engineering and business disciplines within LUT and atmospheric sciences in UH. The duties include basic and advanced education in topics belonging to computational sciences and atmospheric sciences. We provide international education, and the master-level education is arranged in English.

The duties related to the field of research include the following:
• High-impact international research.
• Preparation of national and international research and education projects.
• Planning and implementation of undergraduate and postgraduate education.
• Supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses as well as postgraduate studies and PHD thesis.
• Increasing awareness in a way that serves industry and the economy.
• Taking part in the preparation and execution of projects in other LUT and UH units as an expert.
• General administrative work related to the universities’ operation.

The position is situated at the assistant/associate/full professor level of the tenure track and will be filled through an open application process for a fixed term of 3-5 years (assistant or associate professor) or as a permanent position (full professor). The position starts with a six-month trial period.

A professor must hold a doctoral degree and have high-level academic qualifications and experience in leading scientific research.

Strong evidence in application-oriented projects is considered an advantage.

In this position, oral and written fluency in English is required. The required language skill level is defined by the professor's supervisor together with the person appointed to the professorship.

Annual gross salary for an assistant/associate professor amounts to 50,000 - 68,500 euros and for full professor to 64,000 - 96,000 euros.

Applications must have the following (in English):
• A curriculum vitae
• A full list of publications, including the total number of publications in the Scopus and Google Scholar, the total number of citations, the h-index, Scopus ID and Google Scholar profile address.
• A separate list of the publications submitted for expert evaluation
• A teaching portfolio or an equivalent account of the applicant’s teaching qualifications
• An account of the applicant's merits and activities of significance to the vacancy (max. 3 pages)
• An account in English of the applicant’s vision on the development of education, research and projects in the field of the professorship in the University of Helsinki and LUT University (max. 3 pages)

On the Faculty’s request, short-listed applicants should prepare to submit up to 10 publications of their choice to be sent to assessors after the application period. The publications shall be submitted the University of Helsinki Recruitment System upon request of the Faculty.

Please submit your application using the University of Helsinki Recruitment System via link Apply for the position. Applicants who are employees of the University of Helsinki are requested to leave their application via the link .

The deadline for applications is November 2nd, 2021.

Further information may be obtained
• About the position and operational environment from Professor Markku Kulmala, markku.kulmala(at) and Professor Heikki Haario, heikki.haario(at)
• About the recruitment process and tenure track model: HR Specialist Laura Karppinen, laura.karppinen(at)

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