Postdoctoral Researcher @ the ​Patrizia Agostinis Lab

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Deadline: 01 Feb 2023

The Lab of Patrizia Agostinis is looking for a talented postdoctoral researcher in the vascular biology/melanoma fields. The Agostinis lab ( ) is part of the Center for Cancer Biology (CCB) of the VIB (Flanders Institute for Biotechnology; ) which is is a world-class life science research institute in Flanders, Belgium and the Cellular and Molecular Medicine ( ) located at the KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium.

Our Research

Our research goal is to unveil how key cell-fate decision networks in cancer cells and stromal cells model the tumor microenvironment, antitumor immunity, and inflammation. We focus on key molecular mechanisms regulating cancer cell death, cancer-driven lymphangiogenesis, and T-cell responses controlling antitumor immunity, which can be harnessed to improve the efficacy of immunotherapy or new therapeutic approaches against melanoma. We are particularly interested in understanding how rewiring of crucial homeostatic/metabolic pathways enables melanoma cells to resist spontaneous or therapy-induced cell death, and disseminate through the lymphatic system and the lymph nodes while escaping immunosurveillance.

Our overarching aim is to pursue highly interdisciplinary research, covering research at the molecular, single-cell, inter-cellular, and organism levels through innovative approaches that integrate spatial single-cell omics and translational cancer research, in order to bridge the gap between fundamental discovery in cancer research to novel clinical applications in cancer therapy.

Job Description

We are looking for a highly motivated, well-organized and dynamic postdoc candidate with a high level of independence and creative thinking, who will perform basic/cell biology & preclinical research related to the main research focus of our lab.

Profile and skills
  • Ph.D. in biology/biomedicine, biomedical engineering, pharmacy, or related fields with a focus on cancer biology
  • Publication record with at least one first-author publication in peer-reviewed international journals
  • Practical skills in molecular/cellular biology, isolation, and phenotyping of stromal cells (e.g. immune cells, endothelial cells) in vivo/ex vivo analysis of the tumor microenvironment
  • Skills in research of vascular biology, autophagy, and cell death/inflammation are extra-added values
  • Experience in high-resolution imaging, computational programming in R, and integration of complex omics     data, are extra-added values
  • Proficiency in organization and independent troubleshooting, in meeting deadlines and coordinating multiple projects
  • Collaborative spirit and ability to integrate into a new environment and to liaise with collaborators including clinicians, computational biologists, technology transfer experts, and industrial collaborators

We offer
  • A competitive salary and benefits and a 2-year contract with the possibility of renewal depending on a positive evaluation
  • A stimulating research work environment where inclusiveness, gender equity, quality, professionalism, and team spirit are encouraged
  • Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, multiple core facilities, and excellent training conditions, with expertise in single-cell genomics/transcriptomics, bioinformatics, Flow cytometry, spatial omics, metabolomics, mouse transgenesis, and imaging (see: ).
  • The opportunity to interact with several world-class investigators at our VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology (CCB), in Belgium and abroad (through our established network and research consortia).

How to apply?

Motivated candidates are asked to apply online. The job is available immediately. For more information, please contact:

Additional required information:

  • A detailed CV, including a list of your scientific publications
  • An elaborate cover letter describing your motivation and a brief statement describing your research interest
  • Contact information of 2-3 referees

Application deadline: 31/1/2023

VIB is an entrepreneurial and vibrant non-profit research institute in Flanders-Belgium with a clear focus on groundbreaking research in life sciences. The VIB-KULeuven Center for Cancer Biology (CCB) ( , is one of the research departments of VIB located at the University Hospital Campus in Leuven, Belgium. CCB hosts 13 research groups and represents about 200 international researchers, and administrative and technical collaborators. The focus of the CCB is to unravel the molecular basis of cancer, and whenever suitable, exploit these insights to develop novel therapeutic or diagnostic strategies.

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