Postdoctoral researcher on flat optics by nanoimprint lithography

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 25 Apr 2020

What you will do

One key aspect explaining the success of smartphones are their low-profile integrated optical devices (cameras and displays) that rely on micro- and nanostructures for optimal performance while minimizing their bulkiness. Many formerly voluminous elements as lenses, mirrors or diffractive optical elements can be replicated by profiling the surface of a submicron thin film using techniques compatible with the microelectronic industry. These flat optical components achieve the same functionality than the bulkier counterpart but their integration on top of imager circuits is greatly simplified.

In the upcoming project, we are developing a range of low-loss, optically thin devices based on metasurfaces to efficiently shape light beams. The nanofabrication of antenna and resonator arrays will be performed using imec’s unique expertise in advanced lithography techniques and thin film deposition and etch. A key enabler for the replication of nanophotonic components is nanoimprint lithography. This technique allies high-resolution with high-throughput and low-cost and is therefore particularly attractive for the fabrication of optical components at industrial scale. The realization of metasurfaces by nanoimprint lithography, however, poses a number of challenges in terms of materials and integration such as the development of high index resins, the removal of residual layer or the use of the resist as an etch mask for metal patterning.

In this postdoc, you use your background in optics and in nanoimprint technology to fabricate miniaturized and flat optical systems. You participate in the conception and the design of the nanoimprinted pattern and evaluate the electrical and optical properties of the devices. You can rely on a wide range of processing and analysis tools in our state-of-the-art 200mm and 300mm cleanroom facilities and associated laboratories. Furthermore, you have the chance to work on the latest line of nanoimprint lithography machines to bring your academic background to the next level in technology development.

Contact persons: Dr. Robert Gehlhaar and Dr. Cedric Rolin

KULeuven promotor: Prof. Paul Heremans

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