Postdoctoral researcher in the field of neuroimmunology and/or neuroinflammation

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Department: Center for Molecular Neurology
Regime Full-time

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VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology - Labs is looking for a full-time (100%) postdoctoral researcher in the field of neuroimmunology and/or neuroinflammation.

The research team of Prof. Emanuela Pasciuto studies the complex interactions between the immune and nervous systems. We have discovered a population of brain  resident T-cells regulating microglia maturation,  challenging current dogmas in the field of neuroimmunology. Our main objective is  to gain mechanistic insights into the contribution of T cells to brain plasticity and their impact in neurodegenerative, neurodevelopmental disorders.

The VIB-UAntwerp Center is part of VIB, a Life Sciences institute with colleague-researchers in neuroscience, cancer, biotechnology, structural biology, and immunology amongst others and an extensive set of core facilities and opportunities for technology transfer. The VIB-UAntwerp Center is also embedded within the University of Antwerp.

Selected references:

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  • You will assist in ongoing research projects and the activities of the research group of Prof. Emanuela Pasciuto
  • You will help coordinate project proposals and contribute to attracting external funding.
  • You will assist in the supervision of PhD students and other team members.
  • The applicant should be passionate about driving and performing research and associated laboratory tasks and be able to work independently.


  • PhD. in biology, biomedical sciences, or related disciplines
  • Solid publication record
  • Experience in neuroimmunology  or neurobiology 
  • Experienced in working with mouse models (FELASA B or C required)
  • Experience with flow cytometry and/or transcriptomics or other omics technologies is highly beneficial
  • Experience with molecular biology and microscopy is preferred
  • Good writing and communication skills in English
  • Creative, highly motivated, independent, team player

What we offer

  • A full-time position initially for one year with the possibility for renewal up to 3 years. You will be encouraged to apply for personal fellowships
  • The possibility to independently lead your research project, but with sufficient guidance and mentoring
  • Access to state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure.
  • A friendly, dynamic, and scientifically stimulating working environment
  • Various high level training opportunities to broaden your expertise and skills
  • The planned start date is 01/06/2023 or as soon as possible after that date.
  • Find out more about working at the University of Antwerp here

As part of the VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology and VIB, the applicant will benefit from established collaborations and access to centralized facilities with expertise in genomics (short and long read sequencing), functional genomics and cell biology, proteomics, cutting-edge microscopy, structural biology, technology development, and bioinformatics.

VIB provides a highly interactive environment and ample training opportunities for its researchers. The VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology is located in the city of Antwerp, the capital of Flanders, offering a culturally and historically rich and ethnically diverse environment.

Want to apply?

  • You can apply for this vacancy through the University of Antwerp’s online job application platform. Click on 'apply', complete the online application form and don’t forget to include the following document(s):
    • a letter of motivation describing your interests
    • contact details of one or two referees
  • The selection committee will review all of the applications as soon as possible.  As soon as a decision has been made, we will inform you about the next steps in the selection procedure.
  • If you have any questions about the online application form, please check the frequently asked questions or send an email to . If you have any questions about the job itself, please contact

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