Plenoptic Signal Processing for Immersive Media

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 29 May 2021

In this FWO-funded research programme on a Unified Sparse Representation for Plenoptic Modalities (UniMode), the PhD student will collaborate with an international team of scientists to design a versatile, compact but complete data representation of the 5D plenoptic image function.

A plenoptic image is a full capture of all perceived light rays, from any viewpoint position and viewing angle. This unified image modality will facilitate, among others, an efficient extraction of 2D views or 4D light fields for immersive media systems such as VR and AR.

Your objectives will be specifically centered around investigating representation models and associated coding algorithms to improve compression and transmission efficiency of the plenoptic content, and to optimize the Quality of Experience (QoE) in practical use-cases.

This project will run in collaboration with the Multimedia Signal Processing Group at EPFL Switzerland, headed by Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi, at which yearly internships are planned.

Funding category: Contrat doctoral

Financement du Fond national pour la recherche scientifique FWO-Flanders

PHD title: PhD Degree in Engineering

PHD Country: Belgique

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