Part-time Lecturer in methodologies of support and of analysis of education and training practices

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Job Type: PartTime
Deadline: 20 Apr 2021

Within the Education and Technology Department, you will take on the following three missions:

1. Teaching of the following courses:

FACCM303   L'accompagnement : entre enquête et gestion de l'incertitude   18h

FACCM304   Analyse des pratiques professionnelles en groupe   24h

FACCM305   Pratiques réflexives   24h

FACCM306   Analyse de l'activité   18h

FACCM307   Dimensions relationnelles dans l'accompagnement   9h

You will be in charge of the programme of the Specialised Master in the support of education, management, social action and health professionals. This involves:

  • Supporting and coordinating the pedagogical team of this Specialised Master: UNamur teachers, teachers of partner schools/universities (UMons and Henallux) and international teachers (Swiss, French and Quebec);
  • Managing the activities of the academic secretariat (admission jury, deliberation jury, management committee, APEL, student annual programme and requests for lightening);
  • Managing the particular needs of students and of adults resuming studies;
  • Supervising dissertations in relation with the Master subject matters.

The teaching loads may evolve over time, particularly according to the future of the Specialised master and the development of the reform of the teachers’ basic training.

2. Research

You will carry on researches on the themes of the position and will be in charge of developing a research team over these themes. In particular, you will conduct research activities in the fields of support, of learning of active professionals, of the analysis of professional practices, of reflective practices as well as the analysis of the activity. In particular, you will lead research activities in the fields of the support and teaching of professionals on job learning, of the analysis of professional and reflexive practices, and of the activity.

3. Services

In addition, you will be destined to handle service activities in relation to the position subject matters, as much internally as externally (pole of Namur, ARES, continuing training centres, and Ministries).

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