Onderzoekscoördinator Leuven Institute for Micro- and Nanoscale Integration (LIMN

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 07 May 2021

As the LIMNI research coordinator, you will be the point of access for interested parties, both within and outside of the university. Your daily tasks will be a balance between hands-on (about 30 %) and managerial responsibilities (about 70 %). It will be your role to take initiatives including, but not limited to:

striving towards financial independence of LIMNI

organizing seminar series and training activities

organizing industry-sponsored workshops

establishing a network of external partners

setting up and managing multi-partner research projects

setting up technology roadmaps and identifying research opportunities

develop new and consolidate existing micro- and nanofabrication expertise in a portfolio of robust process modules

integrating materials and other technologies developed by LIMNI researchers at the wafer scale or system level 

facilitating the fabrication of demonstrators

providing consultancy on micro- and nanofabrication

integration of materials and other technologies developed by institute members at wafer scale or system level

disseminate the expertise and services offered by LIMNI researchers

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